I decided to move forward with creating my own brand. I knew I wanted to manufacture the clothes in Italy because this is one of the only places where they’d be able to make the stuff I wanted to do. I knew Luca Benini), my partner, through my wife. I reached out to see if I could visit him in Italy and discuss a potential project together.

I had prepared a presentation of sketches, fabrics and reference pieces for him to see my vision for the project. We spent a few days together and Luca agreed to be my partner in the brand.

I continued with the idea to produce the clothes in Italy because of the factories’ capabilities to create the highest quality garments possible. Additionally, producing there also gave me the option to design all different categories, aside from just clothing. I have years of experience making clothes in other countries with several different factories and the same results are not possible.

Prior to ALYX, Luca has been—and still is—primarily a distributor, retailer and marketing partner for brands like Stüssy, Nike, Visvim, Carhartt and many more. He had never really done manufacturing, so we built this together from scratch. I came to Ferrara often and helped put the pieces together. He has been such a great support system for me, both as a friend and a mentor. Luca’s vibe and energy really inspires me on a day to day basis. Many of his interests and passions are reflected in the brand as well.

I'm thankful that he believed in me to do this. He’s the perfect partner.

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