I met Lee McQueen through Nicola [Formichetti]. I didn’t know him well but he will always be an inspiration to me.

Nicola sat down with Lee to discuss a dress concept for Gaga. Lee sketched out an idea on a napkin for a long wedding dress that flowed like a train. His idea was that she would walk to the end of the runway with the dress flowing behind her. As she reached the end of the runway, she would enter into the crowd and the dress would then inflate into a sphere surrounding her. She would wear a projector around her waist and it would use 360-degree lenses to project futuristic images into the inflated sphere, to be shot by Steven Klein.

It was a really beautiful and abstract drawing, as well as a really remarkable concept. With his direction, Lee was happy for our team to make the costume for Gaga. We went at it and started to work out how this could possibly be made. Eventually, we figured it out.

Sadly, Lee passed away shortly after after he sketched out the concept with Nicola. The idea was presented to us just a few days before his death.

Watch Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 show, "Plato Atlantis," featuring the premiere of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" here.

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