As a mega-consumer of clothing, Japan is home to nearly every brand imaginable. Japanese stores stock hundreds of international labels alongside labels from their thriving domestic fashion scene, all to quench the thirst of eager shoppers seeking the best items from brands both new and familiar. While American customers generally follow predictable buying habits, Japanese consumers have little stigma preventing them from exploring any and all styles of clothing that piques their interest. Furthermore, when discussing Japanese fashion, you’d be remiss to ignore the peerless selection of secondhand items. One may gain a glimpse into this world by skimming the auctions on Yahoo! Japan and Rakuten, but to get a real sense of how massive the secondhand market is, you have to travel to Japan to experience chain stores like Kindal, Ragtag and other independent secondhand shops firsthand. These “recycle stores” carry whatever customers sell to them, be it recognizable labels like Visvim, Supreme and Rick Owens, niche Japanese labels, costly artisanal brands and everything in between.

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