Ahead of Cyber Weekend, the Grailed Team is sharing a few tips for making the most of the impending holiday shopping spree. The marketplace experiences increased buyer demand in late November through December, making it a great time for sellers to optimize their listings for maximum visibility and sell-through.

The best way to make sales during this timeframe is to get involved in Grailed’s seasonal marketing opportunities, utilize seller features on-site and in the app and to stay on top of shipping deadlines for buyers looking to purchase items as a gift. Shipping buyers their items reliably and on time is the best way to get a 5-star rating and a positive review on your page—both help you gain buyer trust and make your listings even more likely to sell.

Whether you're extremely familiar with buying and selling designer, vintage and streetwear brands, or are new to the game, read on for quick and easy ways to have your items discovered by buyers this holiday.

1. Get Featured During #cyberweekend

Using the Listing Tags feature, tag your best deals with #cyberweekend for a chance to be featured in one of our curated collections promoted from Black Friday (11/27) to Cyber Monday (11/30). The Grailed Team will be handpicking the best submissions, adding them to a themed #cyberweekend collection, and marketing the collections to buyers all weekend long on the Grailed homepage, Instagram and more. Pro tip: add this tag to existing items by simply editing the listing information on your seller account.

2. Create New Listings In Advance

Increased upload volume during the holiday months may take our moderation team a bit longer than usual. Create new listings ahead of Cyber Weekend to give your inventory more time to be discovered in advance of holiday shopping.

3. Add Measurements to Your Listings

No more back-and-forth with potential buyers about fit. Save time and increase your chance of selling a listing by 40 percent with Measurements, available now for both new and existing listings. Find our guide to adding measurements to your inventory here. It’s super simple, and makes a huge difference for buyers looking to purchase your items.

4. Price Your Listings to Sell

Buyers are looking for well-priced items during the holiday timeframe, especially during Cyber Weekend. Consider price dropping your items during this timeframe to make them sell faster. And don’t forget to tag your best finds with #cyberweekend to be featured in holiday marketing.

5. Stay on Top of Your Messages

Don’t risk missing out on a potential sale during the holidays. Buyer questions and offers come through your messages, so be sure to turn on alerts and notifications to stay on top of inquires. You can enable push notifications if you are an app user. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates in your inbox too.

6. Know Your Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Shipping can get wild during the holidays, especially this year as more people will be gifting remotely while taking COVID-19 precautions. Avoid the madness by staying on top of shipping during the season.

First, make sure to provide buyers clear updates about the type of shipping method you’ll be using. Ask buyers if the purchase is time sensitive and needs to be received at a certain date, in case they are buying it as a gift. Second, check shipping times. Consult the shipping schedules from your shipping service: USPS, UPS, FedEx. Times will vary by price and region.

Lastly, make sure to add tracking info as soon as possible, so buyers know exactly when they can expect to receive their item. This makes a huge difference to buyers and is sure to result in great buyer feedback.

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