A recent report by Fast Company estimates that the clothing resale industry will more than double to a whopping $51 million by 2023. While many factors are contributing to that staggering growth—cost, sustainability, increased access—one sector has had an outsize effect on the resale boom: menswear. An increasingly significant number of men are suddenly not only open to shopping secondhand, but actively searching for used clothing. Whether it’s for rare items available few places online, hype pieces that quickly sell out and are only available via resale or simply just lightly worn items for a steal, the second hand clothing market is booming. At the center of it all, is, well, us!

Bias notwithstanding, nowhere else on the internet has the breadth of inventory, accessibility or—due to our industry low fees—can match our price point. To our more than three million users, this is common knowledge, however for those new to our platform, or any casual passerby simply interested on how we operate, below our editorial staff breaks down exactly how to join the sustainable movement and buy second hand. Here’s how to buy on Grailed.

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