Here at Grailed HQ, there are certain pieces that have become universally loved by the whole squad. Ranging from leather jackets to basic, everyday Uniqlo denim, the unifying factor is that they typically have broad appeal and can be worn by guys who are into a variety of styles. We have a diverse crew here who all dress differently, but we can all pretty much agree on the fact that chelsea boots, in particular, are fire and will never go out of style. The Common Projects chelsea released a couple of years ago has been written about ad nauseum at this point, but it really was the specific boot that brought the style into the broader fashion culture, no thanks to superfan Kanye West. Seeing the boot on the bottom of various Fear or God or Yeezy fits has only further popularized the look. However, this classic boot has long been a staple of menswear dating all the way back to the time of Queen Victoria, who commissioned the very first pair on record. The simple shape and comfortable design was further popularized by British mod culture of the '60s and have even been referred to as "Beatle boots" since they were a beloved part of the quartet's early uniform. These days, you'll even see avant garde brands like Guidi dip their proverbial toes into the chelsea boot game, with some very interesting results.

Bottom line is that we love chelsea boots and wanted to share some of our favorite brands and designs with you guys. Below, you'll find a curated look at some of our picks.

Lead image via Jude Taylor.

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