With the onset of harsh winter weather, we demand more out of our footwear. A go-to boot is a season essential, however more traditional silhouettes can prove tiresome, and feel particularly out of sync considering many of our more adventurous aesthetics. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that don’t sacrifice practicality for style. Technical boots can be identified by their forward thinking silhouettes but also by their incorporation functional details. To be sure, most tech boots draw inspiration from military combat boots or hiking styles, however they manage to find innovative ways to improve upon their predecessors performance capabilities. The original silhouettes are updated for improved water resistance, comfort and often weight.

When looking for a tech boot, it’s important to consider durability, water-resistance, weight, and a versatile sole capable of performing on a variety of surfaces. The sole is of particular importance considering the outsole are often complex rubber molds, and may not be easily replaced in some cases, so something with longevity is crucial. While they may appear cumbersome, the majority of these boots are just as easy to wear as sneakers and feature cushioned insoles and midsoles that can absorb impacts even when hiking on rugged trails. The following options are a good start for those looking to pursue a performance driven shoe that will compliment your winter fits.

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