Already a worldwide leader in fast fashion, over the past decade Uniqlo has adapted its businesses strategy in order to remain relevant. No doubt a response to the enormous success competitor H&M has had with high-profile designer collaborations, Uniqlo has taken that formula and flipped it on its head. Unlike H&M–who partner with designer fashion labels to offer watered down or reissued designs at a more palatable price point—Uniqlo prefers to work with like-minded creatives to elevate its own product. Despite a global footprint of over 1500 retail locations and 30,000 employees, Uniqlo has remained diligent, securing a diverse range of collaborators each bringing along its own audience. Eschewing one-off marketing plays, the brand prefers to find the right designers to work with on an ongoing basis. Many of Uniqlo’s collaborators have returned for successive seasons and in some cases are even brought on for permanent positions within the company. The results of this considered approach are undeniable, and elevate Uniqlo above its fast-fashion peers. Below, we present a selection of its most notable collaborations.

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