Calvin Klein 205W39NYC


After being appointed as the Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein in 2016, legendary Belgian designer Raf Simons took it upon himself to change the name of the high-end line from Calvin Klein Collection to Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, after the address of the brand’s office. From its first season to its last, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC pushed Simons’ vision of boxy tailoring, varsity sweaters and cowboy themed looks to the forefront of fashion. While the collections weren’t commercially successful, critics praised the runway shows and the trends Simons presented influenced many other brands to release similar clothing to various levels of success. Although the boots and jeans from the collections were critical hits, it all came to an end when Raf Simons and Calvin Klein split in December of 2018. While Calvin Klein 205W39NYC is now defunct, the best of the brands brief run is still available on Grailed.

What is Calvin Klein 205W39NYC?
Calvin Klein 205W39NYC was the high-end designer line from Calvin Klein.

Is Calvin Klein made in China?
Calvin Klein produces some of its products in China.

Who is the owner of Calvin Klein?
PVH Corp. owns Calvin Klein.

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