After less than two years as the Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein, Raf Simons and the New York fashion label have parted ways.

Fans of Simons’ work were ecstatic about what could come of the Belgian designer’s work with a somewhat-unexpected partnership, given his previous appointments at Dior and Jil Sander. Unfortunately, the (commercial) response to Simons' first collection for Calvin Klein 205W39NYC (formerly known as Calvin Klein Collection) was less than ideal throughout his time at the company. Critics and insiders lauded the collections but the response was not as warm from consumers. In addition to the pressure of trying to create commercially viable collections for the most mainstream brand he’s ever worked with, Simons was also to oversee all aspects of marketing and design for the brand. Considering that Calvin Klein finds itself trying to sell a high-fashion runway collection while simultaneously trying to dominate the world of department store underwear, that is a tall order for any designer—much less one of Simons’ caliber.

Though Simons’ time at Calvin Klein was cut short, that’s not to say he didn’t have an impact on fashion at large with his work. The trend of cowboy boots had been burgeoning for years but it wasn’t until Simons’ first collection put them front and center that it truly took off. His western shirts quickly became a signature symbol of his view on “Americana” at Calvin Klein (not to mention a fashion fanatic cult favorite). Earlier this summer, Simons introduced Calvin Klein Est.1978, a diffusion line which doubled down on the old west theme, much like Simons other Calvin Klein collections.

Given Simons’ history of heading to the top of another brand after some time away, we’re left to wonder: Will history repeat itself at a new house, or will he will retreat from America back to Antwerp, to focus on his eponymous line? For the latest news on Raf Simons, keep an eye on Dry Clean Only.

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