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Raf Simons THE PYRAMID BOMBER JACKET Size US L / EU 52-54 / 3 - 1 ThumbnailRaf Simons THE PYRAMID BOMBER JACKET Size US L / EU 52-54 / 3 - 2 ThumbnailRaf Simons THE PYRAMID BOMBER JACKET Size US L / EU 52-54 / 3 - 3 Thumbnail

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Size Men's / US L / EU 52-54 / 3

Size: Men's / US L / EU 52-54 / 3

$2000 (Sold Price)

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Season: SS 2000 "Summa cum laude"

made in Belgium

of Raf Simons of the world come up with items of oversize revolutionary season, also has been trading at a high price each item in the high season of your evaluation of now .

Here is a masterpiece that can be called a symbol of RAF SIMONS archive "THE PYRAMID MA-1".
Although MA-1 over-the size of the big silhouette had a strong impact from that time, without completely fading even in the modern fashion, but rather, more splendid of this item will have been evaluated again.

Size at a maximum of 52 at that time, is a rare size to be able to over-size as in the collection look.
It might never come out the future in this state and this size.

Collection of legends that created a number of masterpiece.
Recently, Kanye and ASAP Rocky, and to wear live and private, such as Travis Scott, fashionistas around the world Nisuta is sometimes was less originally the number of production are looking for rough archive, it is a very rare item.
Currently it not also has been exhibited abroad reuse markets such as ebay, are you present in the net market I think that it is only this one article. How in this opportunity

will be from time to items that had been used in the styling of the main in a variety of media.
Raf Simons seems to have been constructed in the minimalist design, very beautiful silhouette that has been calculated yet big silhouette.

Size: 52 (xxx-LARGE)
Length 72cm
shoulder width 50cm
width of a garment 55cm (measure the armpit in a straight line)

error for amateur measurement, please understand.

Condition: very worn sense of feeling is not beautiful goods, somewhat Yes rubbing the back print

for the vintage, there is a possibility that some fine dirt and damage such as, but not noticed.
Please tender only for the person who can promise a no claim no return on an understanding that the current sales of used goods is the time of purchase.