Historically, white jeans get a bad wrap. At once a fashion faux-pas and “cool” mom staple, the white jean was unfashionable for so long that it’s almost shocking to consider just how popular they are now. Today, any brand worth its salt releases at least some version of a white pant or jean for the Spring/Summer season not only because they look good, but because they sell. They are easy, go with everything (the absence of any color makes it go with...well, any other color in your 'fit) and—at least in our opinion—arguably look better chock full of the inevitable grass stains and oil grease.

Now, in order to understand why men wear white pants and, more importantly, which ones to buy, it’s important to know your history. While today wearing white pants year round is entirely acceptable, not so long ago it was frowned upon—even unacceptable. So, before you start hunting down your summer go-tos, learn the rules and the right way to break them.

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