Based out of Munich, Germany, Klaus Lohmeyer is an artisan tediously working away at his independent jewelry workshop, Werkstatt:München. Having earned the title “Master Craftsman," the highest level of recognition a smith can attain, from the revered Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck aus Kaufbeuren in Germany, Lohmeyer now works out of his industrial concrete clad “Werkstatt,” literally "studio" in German. All pieces are produced in-house through traditional techniques in order to create jewelry with a unique patina, landing somewhere between gothic, opulent and an elegant antique. Unlike Chrome Hearts, committed to a glamorized vision of rock’n’roll, Werkstatt pieces feel inherently more industrial, grunge even. Still, they retain the sort of refined extravagance you expect from a piece of handcrafted silver jewelry.

There is something unabashedly romantic about Lohmeyer’s commitment to his work. He has previously stated every piece he creates contains “soul” and meaning—if not they are but lifeless deco-ration. Working almost exclusively with silver, Lohmeyer’s obsession with the metal is unparalleled. He has noted he loves silver for its warmth, scent and even called it “the most beautiful white metal on our planet.” Still, his commitment to the element is more than an aesthetic choice; it’s down to silver having a malleability that adheres to his practices and it’s representation of value throughout time.

Although Werkstatt:München stockists are few and far between, Grailed has a grip of rings and accessories on deck, so step up your jewelry game.

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