Grailed is home to a wide variety of items, from high fashion grails to offbeat accessories. But each year, there’s a handful of listings that really stick out from the bunch, whether it’s because they made us raise an eyebrow, laugh out loud, or were just plain weird. This list will spotlight the most bizarre—in our opinion—listings we saw in the last year.

2020 was certainly not the year any of us were hoping for back in January. But as we look back on some of the weirdest listings we saw, we remember that the year wasn’t fully devoid of laughs. The Grailed marketplace receives an eclectic mix of items, and 2020 definitely delivered its share of memorable moments.

While Carol Christian Poell and Chrome Hearts may be well-known for their weird accessories, Travis Scott threw his hat in the ring this year, offering items ranging from riot shields to chicken nugget body pillows among a laundry list of collaborative efforts, sneaker releases and merch drops (and no, for the record, you can not list a Travis Scott burger on Grailed).

With 2020 keeping us indoors for the most part, there were a few items we saw in particular that are equal parts odd and crazy at-home flex, even if you’re just walking your dog or cooking dinner.

In no particular order, check out the full run-down of the funniest, weirdest and most unexpected listings we saw this past year below.

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