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Inside Glossier’s Plans to Shake the Beauty Industry
"The community-driven beauty brand is planning to create a social-selling website to carve out a larger slice of the global beauty market."

via: Business of Fashion

Mister Mort’s Tokyo Street Style Report
"Few human beings have as sharp an eye for sartorial details as Brooklyn’s very own Mordechai Rubinstein, who, under his nom de blog Mister Mort, has spent years photographing the eccentric side of New Yorkers’ everyday outfits. So when we heard he was heading to Tokyo and Osaka with the band Portugal. The Man, who were there to play the Summer Sonic Festival, we knew we needed to get the latest Mister Mort report. What’s hot in the streets of the most stylish cities in the most fashion-obsessed country on the planet?"

via: GQ Style

An Antwerp Six Designer Re-Emerges in Tokyo
"Marina Yee, perhaps the most mysterious member of the famed collective, will host an exhibition at Laila Tokio in Japan."

via: Business of Fashion

From Merch to Music, Who Dropped the Album of Summer 2018?
"With autumn just around the corner (and year-end lists not long after, send help), we took a look back at the summer’s biggest albums in an attempt to crown one record to rule them all. Using a metric that weighed each full-length’s musical quality, release strategy, and merch, we have thus calculated the definitive, official champion of the best albums of Summer 2018. Ranked from worst to best, read on to see our top pick."

via: Highsnobiety

Hacker of Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence Gets 8 Months in Prison
"A Connecticut man was sentenced on Wednesday to eight months in prison for his part in a hacking scandal in which nude photographs of the actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities were made public on the internet, according to the man’s lawyer."

via: The New York Times

The Under-the-Radar Company Tasked with Turning the Kardashians into Apps ... and Stickers
"Located inside a sizable Cesar Pelli-designed glass-skinned compound of office buildings in the center of West Hollywood, the team at Whalerock is in the business of “creating transformative media experiences.” Founded in 2007 by entertainment lawyer-turned-ABC and Yahoo executive, Lloyd Braun and former Paramount Pictures president Gail Berman (who Braun bought out in 2014 before rebranding from BermanBraun), Whalerock built its name by creating a portfolio of websites, such as Wonderwall, a celebrity news outlet, and Purple Clover, a site targeted at readers over age 50."

via: The Fashion Law

50 Years After the Creation of the Waffle Trainer, Nike is Vigorously Protecting its Design
"For the Waffle trainer (and most other Nike models), the process of protection began almost right away. In 1972, as soon as he had finished the final prototype, Bowerman applied for a patent for it. The description was for “an athletic shoe suitable for use on artificial turf, including an improved upper of a porous multiple layer construction and an improved sole having integral polygon shaped studs … of square, rectangular or triangle cross section, having a plurality of flat sides which provide gripping edges that give greatly improved traction.”"

via: The Fashion Law

The Story Behind Ashley Olsen’s “High Wasted” Shirt
"Ashley Olsen appeared in Los Angeles on Tuesday in forest green track pants, Yeezy sneakers, an oversized orange and yellow plaid shirt, and a big T-shirt with a photo of a woman smoking a pipe with the lead singer of the hardcore punk band Bad Brains under the text, “HIGH WASTED”!!! This is particularly strong look, like pure Kurt Cobain energy with the proportion play of Kanye West—which leads me to wonder: is Ashley borrowing from Kanye, or is Kanye borrowing from Ashley? And because it would take me four Ted Talks and a huge wall covered in yarn to answer that question: what the heck is on Ashley’s T-shirt?"

via: Garage

Craig Green Reflects on Instagram Haters, Skepta, and Uniforms
"When Moncler released the image of Craig Green’s shiny black strappy puffer outfit last year from their first joint capsule collection, it didn’t exactly go down well on social media. “They had thousands and thousands of comments and they were all hate comments,” Craig Green reminisces. “And I was like, ‘Oh no, it’s over, I’m never going to do Moncler again.’”"

via: Dazed

Remember That Time Lindsay Lohan Became Creative Director of Ungaro?
"Where were you when you found out that Lindsay Lohan had been appointed creative director of Ungaro? Whether you remember or not, this video, this glorious blast from the past, will remind you. It will also remind you of the glorious design partnership between Lindsay Lohan and Estrella Arch(?); it will remind you that scandal will win out over style or substance (even though LiLo’s got all three); it will remind you that, surprisingly, that the orange and pink blouse and trou combo she sent down the runway was actually bloody stunning."

via: Dazed

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