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Burberry Rebrands Under Riccardo Tisci
"A new logo and monogram were unveiled as part of the British brand’s new identity under chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci."

via: Business of Fashion

Anna Wintour to Stay 'Indefinitely' at Vogue, Quashing Exit Rumours
"Anna Wintour, the influential editor of Vogue magazine, is remaining in her job "indefinitely," publisher Condé Nast said on Tuesday, refuting rumors that she was on her way out after 30 years."

via: Business of Fashion

Prada’s Retail Sales Rise by Nearly 10%
"Prada has posted its Q1 results and the company has seen a return to growth after a recent drop. The company’s revenue is now $1.8 billion USD overall, with a retail rise of 9.7%. The numbers are above analysts expectations, who had listed the projected numbers as $1.5 billion USD."

via: Hypebeast

Manhattan DA Promises To Stop Prosecuting Most Marijuana Offenses, Starting Now
"As of Wednesday, the Manhattan District Attorney's office will stop prosecuting most cases for smoking and possessing marijuana. The change was promised in May by DA Cy Vance Jr., and is expected to reduce the number of marijuana prosecutions by around 96 percent, according to a release from his office. Last year, Vance's office oversaw 5,500 marijuana cases; after the policy is implemented, that number is supposed to drop to under 200."

via: Gothamist

How Darth Vader Became the Most Iconic Evil Figure in Film History
"I remember the first time I saw Darth Vader in real life. It was in a department store. He was going up the escalators escorted by two stormtroopers, I was going down. For some reason I failed to comprehend at the time, the sight of him made me poop thermal detonators. It was completely irrational–he was just a very tall man in a costume, I was a 30-year-old. But a new Nerdwriter video essay may explain why my heart stopped when I saw him."

via: Fast Company

New Lawsuit Centers on Fake Rolex Watch Parts, Which, if Used, Turn an Authentic Watch Into a Counterfeit
"“There are more fake Rolex watches on this planet than all other fakes combined,” Benjamin Clymer, the founder of influential watch magazine and website, Hodinkee, wrote in 2014. He was referring, at least in part, to an Oyster Black Dial Paul Newman Daytona that went up for auction at Christie’s, noting that the watch “has some traits that are commonly believed to not be authentic.” Clymer further noted that we “can multiply [the] number [of fake Rolex watches in existence] by 100 if we include the ones that have been modified in some way after they left the factory.”"

via: The Fashion Law

Balenciaga is Being Sued for "Copying" its $2,000 Kitschy New York Bag
"Balenciaga is being sued over that kitschy New York souvenir bag it showed as part of its Resort 2018 collection, which was unveiled last November. According to the complaint that New York-based City Merchandise, Inc. filed against Balenciaga this week in a New York federal court, the American arm of the Paris-based brand is on the hook for copyright infringement for its versions of the bag, which will set consumers back nearly $2,000."

via: The Fashion Law

How 00s Style Took Over Fashion
"The noughties: Gen Z are too young to truly remember them and millennials are just far away enough from them to have got over them. Following the received wisdom of trend forecasters, whose rule of thumb states that fashion trends follow 20 year cycles (give or take a couple of years), it’s only right that 00s references are ripe for the picking."

via: Dazed

Fashion Nova Conquered Instagram by Embracing the “Thirst Trap”
"Instagram is a performance space. It’s where untold numbers of young women and men, in search of attention, validation, or something else, go to show off their best sides—literally. It’s the natural habitat of the sexily posed, scantily clad portraits dubbed “thirst traps.” For brands, meanwhile, it’s a powerful tool to advertise their wares and attract customers, thanks to its visual format and massive user base. And no brand has better used that tool than Fashion Nova, a clothing label that has quickly exploded, in large part thanks to the voluptuously curvy, racially diverse models, celebrities, and regular customers whose pictures populate its Instagram, often in sultry poses proven to elicit “likes” and comments."

via: Quartz

How Did Jeff Goldblum Become the Internet’s Daddy?
"In a year in which men have largely been revealed to be trash, Jeff Goldblum has ascended like a delightful, Prada-wearing pterodactyl, soaring above Hollywood accompanied by a jazz soundtrack. The dad of two, daddy to many, has delighted in TV appearances, interviews, and on his own Instagram account, where posts include wonderful things like his son wearing his Balenciaga Triple S trainers (yes, he has Balenciaga Triple S trainers) and fan art of himself as a centaur. He’s obviously one of the most attractive men to ever have existed (flame emoji), but how did he turn from actor to meme to the one pure thing left on this earth? We investigate."

via: Dazed

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