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Behind the Scenes of the LVMH Prize
"Tokyo-based designer Masayuki Ino of Doublet was crowned the winner of the French conglomerate’s fashion award, while Rok Hwang was awarded the special prize after three selection rounds over five months of competition."

via: Business of Fashion

How Nigeria's World Cup Jersey Became a Streetwear Grail
"After the sort of long lead-up that can only accompany a once-every-four-years tourney, the World Cup will officially commence next week. Every sports angle's been dissected—which means we can turn to more important ideas, like the fact that the jerseys are, at long last, getting their official releases. And this go-round, undoubtedly the most exciting and anticipated of these jerseys belongs to Nigeria’s national team. The kits are a genuine fashion item: there are a couple versions but the favorite features an unripe-lime green in the body with white-and-black sleeves and jagged vertical stripes that are meant to resemble the wings of the team’s mascot, the Super Eagles (but look a little bit like Mario Kart turbo pads). The jersey looks less like a traditional soccer kit than a hyped-up sneaker—particularly the coveted Nike design seen on Acronym’s version of the Vapormax. And the response has been fitting: the jersey has been near-unanimously considered the coolest of this year’s crop ever since it was unveiled in February, and it’s turned from a piece of athletic gear to rarest-provenance streetwear."

via: GQ

What to Do When Your Favorite Clothing Item Gets Discontinued
"When a brand does away with your go-to jeans, jacket or shoes it can be a struggle to fill the hole in your closet. So what’s a savvy shopper to do? "

via: The Wall Street Journal

What Kate Spade Stood For
"There is a lot of talk these days about the lack of women at the top of fashion brands — the statistics are terrible, the gender imbalance striking. It is one of the reasons Kate Spade, the designer who was found dead in her home on Tuesday morning, was so important to so many of us."

via: The New York Times

Luxury Results Recount a Tale of Two Extremes
"Luxury results were good, bad and ugly this month, causing a divergence in stock performances among our SLI constituents."

via: Business of Fashion

An IKEA x adidas Collaboration Is Coming
"After unveiling a collaboration with LEGO, it has now emerged that an IKEA x adidas project is in the works. The news was revealed at IKEA’s Democratic Design Day at its headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden, where it also provided Highsnobiety with a best look yet at Virgil Abloh’s highly-anticipated IKEA collection."

via: Highsnobiety

Bill Cunningham once streaked in front of Jerry Hall
"Bill Cunningham was more than a photographer – he was a social anthropologist documenting the interplay between fashion, the street, and high society over the course of four decades for The New York Times. Outfitted in his signature blue worker’s jacket, Cunningham hopped on his trusted bicycle and sped around the city, hopping off to photograph New York’s most stylish figures from all walks of life before returning to his humble apartment at Carnegie Hall."

via: Dazed

The Fashion Industry is Exclusive, Should We Expect its Coverage to Be Any Different?
"Fashion is an inherently exclusive, uppity industry, one whose leading participants stage $500,000+ runway shows twice a year in order to sell $3,000+ handbags and dresses with price tags that are even more expensive to a small(ish) segment of the population. With this in mind, it should probably not be surprising that coverage of it tends to reflect that, explicitly or otherwise. This is something that at least some have argued is being demonstrated in connection with coverage of the death of American designer and businesswoman Kate Spade."

via: The Fashion Law

Unpaid Internships Are Legal but Are They Doing Fashion a Disservice?
"Each year towards the end of the spring semester, job posting sites are rife with offerings for summer internships, ones that enable current students and new graduates, alike, to “get their feet in the door” in furtherance of their dream careers. Long touted as a way for companies to benefit from cheap – or in some cases, free – labor in exchange for on-the-job training for young people, industry internships, particularly in fashion, have been undergoing something of a significant shift in recent years."

via: The Fashion Law

Is the Freelance Economy Really Shrinking?
"There are fewer temporary workers today than there were in 2005, according to a much anticipated report on contingent workers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released this morning. The new data offers some insight into the number of people who rely on temporary work for income, but experts say it may not paint a full picture of the changing nature of work."

via: Fast Company

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