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The McQueen Documentary Tells The Story Of The People Who Carry His Legacy
"When Bonhôte (producer and co-director) and Ettedgui (writer and co-director) proposed their concept to a series of distributors in February 2017, it was financed within three days. “We wanted to make a really respectful cinematic version of Lee’s story,” Bonhôte tells Vogue. “You could go very tabloid and sensationalist, but we wanted to put his work at the film’s centre, and to try to tell his life from the fashion shows. People were excited about this.”"

via: Vogue

The Editor-in-Chief of GQ Style and Creative Director Of GQ Talks Fandom, Magazine-Making, and Virgil Abloh
"Brad Pitt. Blue-eyed and lunar-lit, tumbling around and overcome by White Sands powder. Timothée Chalamet's searing, coolly persuasive unibrow. Both actors, at separate stages in their careers, shot by Ryan McGinley. One for a summer cover, the other for March, bringing to mind Luis Sanchis' work for The Face but realized now, by GQ's creative director Will Welch's cohesive, fashion-spry and curious, and intuitively collaborative team. They're enthusiasts. Editors who are fans, too. They love a subculture, a t-shirt, a Nalgene designed by a t-shirt designer. They've identified the bizarre potential of an upscale quarterly (with legacy pull) like GQ Style—of which Welch has been editor-in-chief since December 2015—and how a print publication with a behind-the-scenes touch (like their podcast, "Corporate Lunch") can speak more directly to its audience."

via: Ssense

How “Come Tees” Went From Kanye Co-Sign to Fashion Cult Craze
"In the summer of 2016, in the midst of his Life of Pablo blitz, Kanye West was photographed with Rick Rubin in Malibu wearing a long sleeve tee emblazoned with sprawling hand-drawn graphics and the Jane’s Addiction lyric “Lit To Pop.” The T-shirt was made by the artist Sonya Sombreuil, whose underground L.A. brand Come Tees has, since its inception in 2009, developed an in-crowd-of-in-crowds following that clamors for her distinctive pieces. A Kanye-tier co-sign is, of course, a small label’s dream. But for Sonya, it didn’t mean mass expansion and mainstream glory. Every Come Tees shirt that’s out in the world is printed by Sonya personally. And since there are only 24 hours in a day, and Sonya balances her burgeoning brand with a painting practice, and constantly works on collaborative projects with friends like Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Eckhaus Latta, she couldn’t just blast out stacks of new product. Come Tees instead became one of fashion’s rarest new waves."

via: GQ Style

Why Regular Colors Are This Season’s Radical Style Move
"A non-exhaustive list of colors Kanye West has introduced to the world via his Yeezy sneakers: “turtledove,” “semi-frozen yellow,” “moonrock,” “pirate black,” “beluga,” “blue tint,” and “super moon yellow.” These dusty tones are the perfect complement his washed-out line of sweats and workwear jackets, but as everyone is starting to look stuck between two slices of the colorwheel—sometimes literally—we figure it’s about time to get back to basics and wear the purest colors of them all: true blue, normal yellow, and regular-ass red. Below, with some help from San Francisco’s favorite stoner skate crew GX1000, check out our favorite ways to turn up the saturation levels this summer. And if you’re interested in rocking more than one of these vibrant shades at once, pick up the new Noah x Sperry collab to get the primary (and secondary!) color spectrum on your feet."

via: GQ Style

Woody Harrelson, Rogue Number One
"Woody Harrelson is 56 now, turning in mature, nuanced performances in lauded films including “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “LBJ,” the kinds of roles one might associate with Tommy Lee Jones or the late Sam Shepard. And, of course, he stopped smoking pot."

via: The New York Times

9 Insider Men’s Style Tips From Neo-Soul Singer Leon Bridges
"The musician—known for his superior fashion sense—on where to buy the best white T-shirts, affordable gold watches and pieces that will set you apart from the pack."

via: The Wall Street Journal

The $1,290 Balenciaga Shirt That Messed With the Internet
"The French brand keeps making products that push all of social media’s buttons, and that serves the company very, very well."

via: Business of Fashion

Instagram is Changing the Way Men Dress...For the Worse
"As designers discover that loud, attention-getting men’s clothes stand out the most on social media, garishness is driving sales. Is subdued style doomed?"

via: The Wall Street Journal

These Are the Top-Selling Sneakers of 2018 So Far
"After revealing the top selling footwear for 2017, sneaker expert and NDP Group’s sports industry analyst Matt Powell, now shares his latest report on the state of the athletic footwear market in the U.S. for the first quarter of 2018."

via: Highsnobiety

Alyx Becomes 1017 ALYX 9SM and Sheds Light on the Dynamics of the Fashion Rebrand
"Matthew Williams’ 3-year old brand announced that it is rebranding to a significantly more verbose “1017 ALYX 9SM” ahead of its Paris Fashion Week debut this season. According to a release from the brand, the numerical addition to the name includes a numerical reference to Williams’ birth date and an abbreviation of the brand’s founding studio on Saint Mark’s Place in New York City."

via: The Fashion Law

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