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Class Appropriation in Fashion Is Real, and Impossible to Talk About
"Criticism of cultural appropriation in fashion has been powerful and effective. Why have references to class avoided a similar level of scrutiny?"

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The Elusive Lil Uzi Vert Talks Jeff Koons and How He Found His Voice in Fashion
"Few artists achieve such a singular vision for their personal style, not in an era when entourages have expanded to include creative directors and “day stylists.” Uzi dresses instead with a flair reminiscent of Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, and Prince, if Prince shopped at Dover Street Market and had a standing appointment with Ben Baller (the L.A. jeweler who made Uzi a $200K diamond pendant of Manson’s bust). The only question more unknowable than what Uzi will wear on any given night is whether he’ll even show up."

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Facebook, Uber, Wells Fargo, and the New Wave of Apology Ads
"Corporate apologies are an entirely different animal, turning the Inside Out version of our brains into an actual boardroom of people and personalities trying to find the right way to admit wrongdoing without, y’know, really admitting any wrongdoing. Nowhere is this delicate art more transparent than the Apology Ad. If you’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs, you’ll know we’re in the midst of an Apology Ad renaissance not seen since the 2009-2010 sorry season when brands like Domino’s, Toyota, GM, and BP were all offering up their own versions of TV ad atonement."

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How Tom Wolfe Became…Tom Wolfe
"Michael Lewis delves deep into the archives of the legendary reporter turned novelist to discover what made the man in the white suit the voice of a journalistic generation."

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Retailers' Global Expansion Cools as Businesses Get Smart About Opening New Stores
"Many retailers are being smarter today about opening new stores across the globe, precipitating in a cooling off of international expansion, according to a new report from CBRE. In surveying 47 countries and 123 cities globally, the commercial real estate service firm determined retailers' growth across boarders into new markets fell 2.9 percent in 2017 from the previous year."

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Archivists, and the Archives They Maintain, Are the Heartbeat of Fashion Houses
"Archivists play a very large role in that, but they also work fluently with their brands' respective creative teams to inform on everything from house codes to pattern-making. Many, if not all, large houses have them, and quite a few smaller brands do, too. It's a full-time, hands-on role, either dedicated to one label in particular or spread out across a number of sister brands within a company. For a professional archivist, no one day is the same."

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Did You Know 75% Of All Nike Product Contains Recycled Material?
"Yarn, soles and basketball courts are a few examples of the many products Nike creates by transforming plastic bottles, manufacturing scraps and used product into new materials (such as Nike Grind)—emblematic of Nike’s 30-year commitment to holistic sustainability, which is detailed in the latest Sustainable Business Report. In fact, 75 percent of all Nike shoes and apparel now contain some recycled material."

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The Weeknd on Fame, Love and ‘Melancholy’
"Calabasas, Calif., is where celebrities go to hide, which is exactly why Abel Tesfaye moved there last year, to a bright and airy home in nearby Hidden Hills, where his neighbors include Drake and Kim Kardashian West. The house isn’t fully settled—plaques need to be hung and a wine refrigerator is not yet fully stocked, though there is a marble bust of what appears to be his own head in a corner. He likes it here, especially compared with Beverly Hills, where he felt too exposed. “I don’t think I could ever do that again,” he says. “I always feel like someone’s watching me.”"

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The Mini Swoosh: A Brief History of How Nike Shrunk Its Logo
"The Huarache and Air Raid would continue their success into 1993, opening the door for Nike to be much bolder with their designs and reintroduce the Swoosh in different ways. One Huarache model that did feature a shrunken-down Swoosh was the Air Huarache Light. Not as well known as the Air Huarache, but still significant, it was one of the first runners to feature a mini Swoosh."

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The First-Ever Supreme Auction Raked in $1 Million
"Yesterday, May 16, Artcurial hosted the first-ever auction solely dedicated to New York street culture, more specifically centering around Supreme. Dubbed “C.R.E.A.M., Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” the event tallied $1 million USD in sales, with 94 percent of the lots being sold."

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