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2 Years After They Broke the Internet, It Looks Like Nobody is Buying Vetements
"However, what comes up must come down and recent seasons have been pretty quiet for Vetements. The brand moved its HQ to Zurich and even pulled out of the schedule for one season, forgoing a SS18 runway show in favor of a low-key presentation inside a parking lot in Paris. Gvasalia continues to wow the world with his work at Balenciaga, but recent collections for his own label have tread familiar territory, often reworking pieces from previous seasons (the DHL tee was turned into a full collection for SS18, and bizarrely, the haulage company even put on its own fashion show at an airport in Germany)."

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My Morning Routine: Chris Black
"There are plenty of definitions of "cool." There's that Steve McQueen-cool or cool like your rich uncle with the jet. But Chris Black is a cool all unto his own. Cool like your local bar that's always got interesting people cycling through. Cool like that Euro magazine shop on the street corner that always carries your favorite prints. Cool like a worn-in pair of loafers and a vintage rock tee. He's like a book you can't put down, and his story might be as long as one."

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Tie-Dye: Why Everyone in the Whole Entire World Is Wearing It
"Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably noticed that tie-dye has been having a resurgence. It came to prominence in America with the hippie movement of the 1960’s (maaaaaaan). Then Halston started using tie-dye in his designs (Marisa Berenson wore it in Vogue!), and then musicians like Janis Joplin started rocking it. Soon enough, tie-dye became the defining look of a generation. But the art form has a rich history that can be traced back to India, Japan, and Africa as early as the sixth century. Now, it’s back because everyone is listening to the Grateful Dead in search of a higher power to guide them through these dark times, or whatever, but the point is: it’s iconic! It’s psychedelic! It’s…usually a little loud for my simple tastes."

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Catching Up With California-Style Woo-Woo
"But all the meditation and the green juices and the yoga and energy healing that so permeate my New York life — and have become increasingly normal across the country — owe a great deal to California’s notorious openness to New Age pursuits. New York may have its own flavor of high-intensity workouts and stringent cleanses, but that willingness to dabble owes a great debt to the West. It was time for me to return to my home state and see what it had to offer."

via: The New York Times

Virgil Abloh’s Mid-Oughts Blog Will Warm Your Heart!!!
"Launched in 2005 by two Chicago-based creatives, Benjamin Edgar and Chuck Anderson, The Brilliance was essentially a streetwear-led blog which emerged around the same time as Hypebeast and Slamxhype, and contained random observations on sneakers, hotels, and iPhones. Their friend Virgil joined them a year later, regularly posting about things he liked, what inspired him, plus detailing recent purchases. Just Bought: RAF SIMONS x Eastpak Backpack!!! is essentially a product unboxing video, but in word-form: “I admit I am a consumer and I love design and pay attention to brands so this is gonna work out perfect.” (Side note: he was absolutely wild for triple-exclamation marks back in the day—a precursor to “everything in quotes,” perhaps.)"

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Young Thug Skipping in a Blue Raincoat is the Ultimate Spring Style Inspiration
"While Young Thug has never been afraid to experiment with bright hues—the multicolored patchwork jacket he recently wore on the red carpet is a case in point—his fondness for sumptuous fur coats adds a wintry air to these springtime color palettes. And although it’s still chilly outside, spring is technically already here—and Young Thug is clearly getting into the spirit. In an Instagram photo that he posted earlier today, Thug is quite literally skipping into the new season in a bright blue coat that falls just above his knees."

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What's Driving Retail's Sneaker Obsession?
"The story of Cinderella teaches many morals: wealth isn't everything, kindness wins hearts and, most importantly, never underestimate the power of shoes. Though these days, it's not heels that are winning consumers' hearts—it's sneakers."

via: Retail Dive

The Fate of the Juicy Couture Tracksuit in the Age of Athleisure
"One morning last month, on the day of Juicy Couture’s first-ever New York Fashion Week runway show, Jamie Mizrahi, the company’s twenty-nine-year-old creative director, posted a note to her hundred and twenty-three thousand followers on Instagram. “Nostalgia has proven to be one of our brand’s greatest assets,” she wrote, “and I truly believe it will be the springboard to launch us into the next phase of the brand’s evolution.” In other words: We aren’t getting rid of the tracksuits."

via: The New Yorker

Band of Outsiders Founder Launches New Venture
"On April 2, he’s launching Entireworld, a new apparel brand sold primarily direct-to-consumer with prices ranging from $15 for a pair of women’s cotton ribbed underwear and $25 for a t-shirt to $165 for a cotton-wool blend fisherman's sweater. (The average retail price is $55.) Product will be released based on consumer demand, likely about once a month."

via: Business of Fashion

Migos’ Stylist Shares the Key to Their “Walk It Talk It” Video: “Definitely Ruffles”
"With their Versace-heavy wardrobe, ability to mix t-shirts with high-fashion brands like Loewe, and enviable sneaker collection, Migos is one of the pop cultural forces defining this era’s rock star look. But the video for their latest single, “Walk It Talk It,” released last week, looks like footage unearthed from another era: lit with all the softness of 1976’s finest technology, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset are dressed in Afros, bellbottom suits, and loads of ruffles, and they shimmy and snap their fingers on a gold stage, spin under a disco ball, and parade down a dance line in a strikingly direct homage to Soul Train called Culture Ride. Jamie Foxx (!!!) does a gentle parody of Soul Train’s legendarily stiff host, Don Cornelius (Foxx intro’s himself as “Ron Delirious”). The video even features a version of the Soul Train Scramble Board, in which contestants had to rearrange magnetic letters to spell the answer to a puzzle. In this case, dancers unscramble the way the culture ride goes: the group’s de facto catchphrase, “Dat way.”"

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