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The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2019 Q2

"As was the case in the first quarter, Q2’s most valuable sneaker is one that was never available to the public. The friends and family Trophy Room x Nike Air Jordan 5 was part of a two-sneaker pack inspired by Michael Jordan’s personal trophy room. The retail version was already limited to 7,000 pairs, but there were only 223 pairs of the friends and family version, which would explain an average resell price that is nearly $2,000 more than the next sneaker on the list."

via: Highsnobiety

After His Second Debate Performance, Is Joe Biden the Guy to Beat Trump?

"The former vice president seemed out of sorts when defending his record during Wednesday's primary debate, again calling into question whether he's the candidate who can win against the president."

via: GQ

GameStop Lays Off Dozens Of Regional Managers As It Searches For A Future

"On Tuesday, several GameStop employees took to Reddit to report that their regional sales supervisors had been laid off. These anecdotal reports, combined with tips to Kotaku about some layoffs, have since been bolstered by an email from GameStop management, whose authenticity Kotaku has confirmed, that surfaced stating more than 50 people had been let go across the company’s regional sales teams."

via: Kotaku

Bronx Woman Turns 107, Shares Her Longevity Secret: 'I Never Got Married'

"The Bronx woman is celebrating her 107th birthday, which makes her one of the oldest living New Yorkers. CBS New York has a pretty delightful clip from Signore’s birthday party, in which the centenarian seems moderately irritated by all the attention but happy to dispense some longevity advice nonetheless. “I never got married,” Signore tells the reporter. “I think that’s the secret. My sister says, ‘I wish I never got married.’” (Signore's sister, also a centenarian, is 102 years old.)"

via: Gothamist

Why Millennials Are Flocking to Nashville

*" By Julia Herbst2 minute Read

When Katie MacLachlan decided to leave New York City, she immediately thought about moving to Nashville.

“Nashville was always top on my list,” says MacLachlan, who is the director of design systems at Hearst. Though she originally planned on visiting several Southern cities before deciding where to head next, after a week in Music City, she was sold. “I just loved it.”

Her friend Robyn Donnelly, who was working in event management and bartending, soon followed. “I got tired of New York City also,” Donnelly says. “It was just too much [living] paycheck to paycheck.”

The pair now co-own Walden, a bar in East Nashville, and say that they’ve found the city to be a welcoming place for young transplants. “My favorite thing about Nashville [is] the sense of community,” says MacLachlan, who still works full-time for Hearst, in addition to owning Walden. “I think that has helped not just in our business but [our] quality of life and connecting with people.”"*

via: Fast Company

The Weirdest Parts of the “Game of Thrones” Finale Script

"You can now read the script for the series finale of Game of Thrones. But you may not want to—especially if you are one of the many fans already irked by the HBO show’s divisive ending."

via: Quartz

Debunking the Myths Around Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s Final Film

"Released 20 years ago this month, the filming and release of Stanley Kubrick’s cult film Eyes Wide Shut has long been surrounded by rumours. Here, we uncover the truth behind the myths"

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90's Sweater Co. Coogi Says it Does Not Need Authorization to Promote Ties to Notorious B.I.G. in NBA Jersey Lawsuit

"Nike, the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets, and New Era have not stopped adorning jerseys, hats, skateboards, keychains, pins, and sandals with Coogi’s legally-protected pattern since it filed suit against them in February, the sweater-maker argues. Instead, in addition to disclaiming liability in the motion to dismiss that they filed in July, the sports titans have argued that actually, Coogi is the one in the wrong for using the late Notorious B.I.G.’s likeness to boost its brand."

via: The Fashion Law

Why Anna Wintour Is Still One of Condé Nast’s Most Powerful Assets

"The company's artistic director and editor of American Vogue has extraordinary power and influence. What happens when she eventually steps down?"

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Reebok Deepens Ties With Pyer Moss

"The designer Kerby Jean-Raymond is extending his relationship with Reebok and announcing a new platform for innovative, fashion-forward projects that the sports brand will hopefully bring more relevance to its product offering."

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