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Peter Saville: How to Rebrand a Fashion Label
"In late 2018, a graphic charting the evolution of luxury typefaces went mildly viral. They demonstrated a growing homogeneity in visual culture, as brands from across the spectrum—from Rimowa to Balenciaga to Diane von Furstenberg—anchored their identities to bold new sans serif logotypes. One of the latest legacy labels to move in this direction is Burberry, under the guidance of esteemed English designer and cultural conduit Peter Saville."

via: Vogue Business

Travis Scott on "Astroworld," Beauty and his Fans
"Off Loop 610, the 40 mile freeway that surrounds the inner city of Houston, Texas, a bridge crosses into a parking lot, the only evidence that Six Flags Astroworld ever existed. The theme park was open for 37 years but is now a dormant, sprawling wasteland after the land was sold for real estate—a development that didn’t materialize—depriving Houston’s kids and families of a beloved destination."

via: Dazed Digital

Out of Office: Coffee and Creative Small Talk with Grace Wales Bonner
"I’ve always been interested in people and representation, so it was a sense of being drawn to them. I’ve also always been really interested in photography. I think it was that emotional connection to people, or to the way people are represented, that grounds what I do and was something I was aware of growing up. At school I drew, but it was more still life, some painting, and a lot of photography. I was always interested in art. It felt like a natural thing to do—an easy way of concentrating."

via: Wallpaper

Rick Owens Wants Us All to Cheer the Fuck Up
"'I've been moving towards glam,”' Rick Owens explains at the launch of his second collaboration with Birkenstock, 'it could be down to a begrudging optimism because I've been dour about cultural and natural decline. It's time to cheer the fuck up!' While forcing the frow to choke on colored smoke plumes as he sent out his parade of otherworldly sculptural sportswear before asking his all-powerful women, dressed in survival-wear, to put a torch to the world for Spring/Summer 19, his recent shows have been anger-fuelled acts of creative resistance in response to the sociopolitical shitstorm that we’re living through today."

via: i-D

The Streetwear Generation Turns to Tennis
"What do Supreme, Palace, Kith, Pharrell Williams and basketball star Kyrie Irving have in common? They’ve all had recent link-ups with tennis, a sport more often associated with Polo-wearing preppies than streetwear. But the perception of tennis as a pastime for predominantly white, country club members is increasingly outdated as marketers target the wave of multi-ethnic, streetwear-savvy millennials who are increasingly drawn to the game."

via: Business of Fashion

Could Black English Mean a Prison Sentence?
"A black man on the phone from a jail in San Francisco said, in 2015, “He come tell ’bout I’m gonna take the TV,” which meant that this man was not going to do so. The transcriber listening in couldn’t understand the first part, apparently, and recorded the whole statement as 'I’m gonna take the TV.'"

via: The Atlantic

How O.G. Streetwear Brand FUCT Took a Free Speech Case All the Way to the Supreme Court
"For decades, Fuct founder Erik Brunetti has been denied a federal trademark for his outlaw streetwear label. This spring, the justices will decide whether that’s constitutional—and to what extent 'scandalous' speech is protected under the First Amendment."

via: GQ

Barry Jenkins Is Trying Not to Think About ‘Barry Jenkins’
"Before the awards circuit and the social media discourse; before the red carpet premiere and the critical consensus; before lights or camera or action, the screenwriter and director Barry Jenkins envisions an audience of one. It’s a practice he began as a frustrated, underpriced Hollywood outsider, a way to shrink the burden of his own expectations down to manageable size. And it became a ritual after he abruptly transitioned, on the heels of his 2016 film “Moonlight,” into an exalted insider — the first African-American ever to direct an Academy Award winner for best picture — and the question of how to shrink expectations acquired fresh urgency."

via: The New York Times

Michèle Lamy: 1001 Stories
"Michèle Lamy is a commanding presence—that much I know. But somehow, despite all of the research and preparation that I went through leading up to our interview, it was ultimately fated for me to become utterly dismantled in her presence. Lamy is someone with whom you exchange brief words with, but those same words will linger and mull in your mind for the rest of the day. She exudes an aura that renders the room breathless when she steps in. Everyone is holding their breaths, watching her every move from the corner of their eyes. The melodic lull of her thick, French accent is mesmerizing. As she ambles (perhaps floats) over to the plush, white velvet sofa and sits across from me, she flashes her infamous smile studded with gold and diamond-encrusted insets, and I know in this moment that she is everything that I expected her to be—and more"

via: Hypebae

How the Bondage Harness was Rebranded as Red Carpet Wear
"Awards season is not, as a rule, a terribly exciting time for men’s fashion. As women dominate the photo opportunities and red-carpet chatter with their extravagant haute-couture gowns, expectations of men have remained fixed for decades: black tie, white shirt, patent-leather shoes, and you’re ready to go."

via: The Guardian

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