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OAMC’s Luke Meier Talks us Through His Most Personal Collection Yet
"Paris Fashion Week can be busy for anyone, nevermind Luke Meier. As well as presenting the Fall/Winter 2019 collection for his OAMC label, Meier also debuted his fourth collection for Jil Sander, the house where he is co-creative director alongside his wife Lucie. A couple of days after both of his shows had wrapped, we sat down at the OAMC showroom—situated in Coco Chanel’s old apartment—to discuss a collection that Meier had previously described as “his most personal yet.”"

via: Hypebeast

Rebirth Of A Vampire
"We go inside the mind of Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig as he prepares to release the band's intensely anticipated (and top secret) fourth album."

via: GQ

A Guide to the Most Wearable—and Unwearable—Men’s Trends for 2019
"On runways showing fall clothing in London, Milan and Paris, gaudy streetwear statements at last gave way to reason"

via: The Wall Street Journal

Why Women Crave ‘French Style,’ and Men Want International Style
"Women around the world strive for chic “French Girl” style, yet for men, no such template exists. Why that is reveals much about how homogenized men’s fashion has become"

via: The Wall Street Journal

A Stone's Throw From Jail
"Ghoulish political operative Roger Stone was arrested by FBI agents early Friday morning, and now faces multiple charges stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 election."

via: Splinter

Tycoon of the Pre-Owned
"Here is where high-end Marie-Kondo’d clothes go now — not to die, but to enter their collective half-life, in a chilly 200,000-square-foot warehouse about eight miles south of San Francisco. Here is row upon row of garments made by Hermès and Prada and Versace: a few seen last season sailing down a runway, or yesterday on Net-a-Porter, contained in white shrouds or sealed inside transparent Tupperware, awaiting shipment around the world to a growing cohort of Secondhand Roses and Josés."

via: The New York Times

The Revolution Will Not Be Serifised: Why Every Luxury Brand’s Logo Looks the Same
"Most of you will have by now seen the meme doing the rounds recently, demonstrating in black and white how brands as diverse as Burberry and Balenciaga have converged on the same sans-serif font. Some of you might have read the articles that have followed in its wake, analysing this surprising image volte-face by the fashion industry. Commentators and the comments section have been divided on its aesthetic values (or perceived lack thereof.)"

via: Business of Fashion

The MAGA Hat Is Still an Object of Hate
"Conservative commentators want us to believe that the hat is just any other piece of meaningless apparel. They're wrong."

via: GQ

Vogue Runway Is Charging Some Brands to Post Their Collection Images
"Vogue now includes brands that pay a $20,000 fee on its fashion week hub, displaying images from their shows alongside better-known labels selected by the magazine’s editors."

via: Business of Fashion

How Celebrities and Amateur Opinion-Leaders Are Changing the Way We Acquire Knowledge
"Today, the internet today is a source of seemingly endless amounts of easily digestible material. Countless people contribute to its “factual” information, and promote their own opinions as facts, too. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people – particularly celebrities and influencers – are also able to promote products and ideas in a much more immediate and visual way. And to frame or reinvent themselves as experts in completely different areas than the ones they gained fame in."

via: The Fashion Law

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