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YG Just Might Be the Flyest Rapper In the World
"YG leans into a double-wide makeup mirror, big round bulbs illuminating him. He ties the red bandanna covering his scalp, the ends meeting at his hairline. He unties it, reties it, unties and reties again, until it's just how he wants it. The Compton rapper is generally boisterous, but for a moment he's quiet, concentrating on just this, making sure it holds. It's equal parts art and science. 'You gotta make it right!' he explains. This is how he works. In an era dominated on the one hand by chart-topping rappers with Gucci addictions and on the other by teenage rappers with face tattoos, YG—28, born Keenon Jackson in what he'll call the Bompton section of Los Angeles—likes things his own way. That means super-skinny cat-eye sunglasses, a 2018 update of Eazy-E's Locs. It means a grip of red bandannas. And it means a personal style rooted in L.A. gang culture: Chuck Taylors and high-water Dickies and fresh tube socks, all in shades of red, black, and white."

via: GQ Style

Lanvin Readies for Creative Reboot
"Lucas Ossendrijver is departing Lanvin after 14 years as menswear artistic director, a move that comes at a critical juncture for the troubled French fashion house following Fosun International’s majority stake acquisition in February. While a replacement for Ossendrijver has not yet been named, market sources cite Bruno Sialelli, head of menswear at Loewe, as a potential successor. Sources say he is in talks to design both the men’s and women’s collections, following the departure of Olivier Lapidus, the most recent artistic director of womenswear, in March—less than a year after his appointment. Lanvin wasn’t immediately available for comment."

via: Business of Fashion

Ralph Lauren Receives an Honorary Knighthood From the United Kingdom
"After 50 years in business and countless accolades, Ralph Lauren has just received the most prestigious yet. Announced today, Lauren has been made an Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a title bestowed on him by Queen Elizabeth II. Lauren becomes the first American fashion designer to be recognized by Her Majesty with an honorary knighthood and joins the ranks of fellow Americans, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower, President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, Michael Bloomberg, Rudolph Giuliani, Angelina Jolie, Steven Spielberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Angela Ahrendts."

via: Vogue

Jonah's Arc
"Jonah Hill is in the New York offices of his film distributor, A24, as he almost always is these days. There is a conference room that the executives here at the company would probably like to use, but can't, because Jonah Hill is in there all the time, talking about the movie he directed, Mid90s. The conference room has a Mid90s poster on the wall. It's as silent and hushed as a shrine. Here he can just talk, and talk, and talk, about Mid90s—he's been doing it all fall, with no dip in stamina or energy. Every conversation is like the first conversation he's ever had about it. There's no way of overstating the breadth of his enthusiasm, his terror, his pride, his manic energy around this film. 'It's my best friend,' he says about Mid90s. He's dressed all in black, like he might go direct another movie right now. Golden hair, golden beard, attentive stare. 'It's literally my best friend. Like, anytime I was sad, angry, happy, lonely, I'd go in my room and I'd just write, spend time with this, cater to it, build it. And then now it goes off into the world and someone can…beat it and punish it or hug it. This kind of thing is vulnerable in a way I've never experienced before.'"

via: GQ

The Tangled Web of Stan Lee's Legacy
"When we talk about legacy it's not only about Lee's personal impact, both good and bad, but also the ripple effect on the company with which he is synonymous. Sadly, despite multiple lawsuits over the years, Marvel's record on creator rights is not much better than it was back then. In fact, in the last couple of months, the publisher is back in the spotlight for scrapping a highly anticipated—and almost completed—comic from author Chelsea Cain and artist Aud Koch before the first issue was released. Cain has been critical of the industry as a whole and its culture of fair attribution, payment, and contracts. It can't be said that the comic industry's reliance on freelancers and work for hires are Lee's fault—they aren't—but we can look back back and draw the line from Lee's golden era to the worrying business practices that plague the industry as a whole today."

via: Esquire

KITH x Greg Lauren Collection Is a Mix of "Dead Poets Society" and "Platoon"
"Ahead of this weekend’s collaborative release, designer Greg Lauren stopped by KITH’s Manhattan flagship for a live exhibition dubbed 'Artist in Progress.' During the showcase Lauren shared an inside look with founder Ronnie Fieg at the process behind his creations for the upcoming Greg Lauren x KITH collaboration capsule. For the release, Lauren transforms some of KITH’s signature pieces into military-inspired canvases. The creations are formed through seemingly random mashups of materials joined by fringed edges, covered in paint splatter and repaired with patches, all set against a preppy blueprint. The result for their co-efforts in storytelling and design is a mash up of collegiate fashion with military intent—fitting as the collection is called “Ivy League Draft” for its opposing ideals in legacy style."

via: Hypebeast

The YSL Documentary Pierre Bergé Did Not Want Anyone to See
"It is, yet again, an Yves Saint Laurent moment. Granted, these days they seem to come around like clockwork, but even by the standards of 2014, when back-to-back biopics were dueling for filmgoers, this autumn is particularly notable. On Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, the most recent of at least seven auctions eulogizing the impossibly lush lifestyle Mr. Saint Laurent shared with Pierre Bergé, his business and erstwhile romantic partner (the men ceased to be a couple in 1976), was held at Sotheby’s Paris, bringing in just under $33 million, with buyers’ premiums. On the block were the contents of Mr. Bergé’s houses in Paris and Provence and two he shared with Mr. Saint Laurent in Deauville and Tangier."

via: The New York Times

Your Puffy Coat is too Puffy
"At some point every winter, on one of those 20-degree mornings here in New York, I envy George Costanza. To be more exact, I envy one particular coat worn by the 'Seinfeld' grump (I’ll keep my full head of hair, thank you very much). In 'The Dinner Party,' an episode in the sitcom’s fifth season, Jason Alexander’s curmudgeonly character waddles into Jerry’s apartment in a poofy black Gore-Tex jacket. Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) calls him 'bubble boy,' yet George is unperturbed. It’s cold, and his feathery cocoon is toasty. 'You wish you had this coat!' he spits back. And I must admit, I do."

via: The Wall Street Journal

What Does ‘Preppy’ Look Like in 2018?
"In September during New York Fashion Week, Vaquera held its spring 2019 show in the cafeteria of P.S. 042. There were no assigned seats, so guests were forced to look around at who was sitting next to whom, creating more social anxiety than usual. Models wearing outfits described as 'goth heartthrob' and 'broken cheerleader' stormed by with pom-poms and football pads. The whole event took me right back to prep school—though the attitude was not one I recognized."

via: The Cut

Serena Williams Is the Champion of the Year
"She has appeared, quietly and without fanfare, on the backyard patio of her Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home, where I have been waiting with Chip, her tiny 5-year-old Yorkie. She slides her fantastic, superhuman body onto the white couch without so much as a sigh. It's oddly spectacular. 'I'm struggling a little bit,' she says, apologizing for being late. (She hardly is.) 'It's a baby. You're never on time with a baby.' She says she didn't get much sleep. She's in a pink top from her new independent clothing line, Serena, and she's wearing gray sweats, no shoes. Really, the only remarkable thing is her makeup, fresh and glistening, full-on contoured cheeks, shiny lips, woolly lashes, eyebrows enhanced with confidence and certitude. It strikes me as the kind of effort you'd put into a photo shoot, or a press conference. She said she would do this thing, so she's going to do it. It's part of the job. A professional athlete today is supposed to provide thoughts after the big game, help make sense of the whole thing, put it all in cultural context—and let's face it, that last one was loaded."

via: GQ

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