There’s no one clear route to discovering and establishing your personal style. ”Wardrobe in Progress” celebrates the deeply human process of finding your own perspective and evolving over time, giving the community a chance to spotlight the pieces that shaped their personal style over the years—as well as the stories behind them.

Hailing from the suburbs of Washington D.C. Justin Boone represents the modern, fashion-focused multi-hyphenate—or “Creative Entrepreneur” as he prefers to call it. Part street style photographer, part film and television stylist, part fashion designer and brand owner, Boone remains one of the busiest men in the business.

Boone’s interest in style begins with his mother, but blossomed around 2012 or 2013 as he was entering college. Striking the balance between, as he says, “trying to stand out and be an inspiration,” it took Boone a little while to find his own voice. Passing through various fashion phases since then, the larger view is that Boone’s fashion perspective shifted from focusing on individual style icons, into broader, conceptual inspirations like rugged nature of life on a ranch in Utah or the utilitarian layering of clothing on a cold New York City sidewalk. The important thing is that, looking back on his various style choices—whether that’s a love of skinny jeans or a leather-laden greaser look—”regret” isn’t a word that sits in his vocabulary. How can someone grow if they aren’t willing to experiment?

Discovering Grailed in 2015, Boone’s early shortlist favorite designers initially included J.W. Anderson, Jerry Lorenzo, Junya Watanabe and Rick Owens; it was in pursuit of Owens cult-favorite Ramones sneakers (in gray camo!) that prompted Boone’s first Grailed purchase in 2016. Using the platform as a way to both discover more pieces from his favorite designers as well as engage with like-minded fashion enthusiasts, Grailed became a way for Boone to take a, “deep dive into studying brands and design intentions.” Tapping into his creative design knowledge as well as his faith in Jesus Christ, Boone helms the brand David x Goliath. A clear fusion of retro streetwear and rugged, lived-in workwear, it’s hard not to see the aesthetic influence of Boone favorites like Anderson, Lorenzo and Watanabe.

As for how Boone sees his brand—and his personal style—evolving from here? “I never want to close my mind to the ideas around the evolution of my personal style and the direction of fashion overall,” he admits. “I look forward to building a uniform that consistently speaks to who I am as an artist and a brand owner.”

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