There’s no one clear route to discovering and establishing your personal style. ”Wardrobe in Progress” celebrates the deeply human process of finding your own perspective and evolving over time, giving the community a chance to spotlight the pieces that shaped their personal style over the years—as well as the stories behind them.

Born and raised just outside of Detroit, Fernando Rangel has become a curatorial style figure in more ways than one. Currently based in Los Angeles, Rangel manages two showrooms—the designer-focused Silver League and the vintage-focused Unsound Rags.

Of course, Rangel didn’t simply begin his interest in fashion with avant-garde designs. As a soccer player from childhood and into high school, Rangel fell into fashion through luxury sportswear, balancing brands like John Elliott with the Americana-inspired A.P.C. It was a move to California that exposed Rangel to the Japanese archival scene, setting off what would ultimately become Rangel’s successful personal projects and current passions.

Tapping into Grailed in 2015, Rangel has used the platform—as well as his network in Los Angeles, to speak directly with other enthusiasts and share his passion for brands like Carol Christian Poell, Helmut Lang, Undercover and Guidi. As Rangel utilizes his personal channels to convey his perspective on style, he’s just as interested in sharing what he’s learned as he is in discovering new items to collect and showcase in his showrooms. “Usually what I stumble upon while sourcing is what ends up in my collection,” Rangel admits. “So I guess I’ll just keep stumbling.”

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