For this year’s Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference, change was at the center of the conversation. During a time of inspiring volatility, it seemed appropriate to explore the various players transforming the industry. From haute couture to streetwear, philanthropy to photography, and sustainability to influence, each and every panel celebrated forces of change and the communities behind them. With intimate stories and commentary from some of the most celebrated figures in the industry, Forces of Fashion offered context to an exclusive conversation around fashion today. While the premise of the conference was to discuss the root of change, one thing was glaringly clear from the beginning: everything comes back to community.

Vogue's Forces of Fashion was a reminder that the basis of fashion is collectivity. Between Pierpaolo Piccioli’s attempts to bring community to couture and Warby Parker’s philanthropic emphasis on the local and global impact, each panel reinforced the importance of solidarity and unity in a constantly evolving industry.

Both Grailed and Heroine are not without merit. While the marketplaces provide a platform for users to congregate, it would not be what it is today without our community; subverting the narrative of an industry rooted in the past, and in turn, driving its direction to a new and unprecedented frontier.

Here are our favorite highlights from Vogue’s Forces of Fashion.

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