Despite the fact that we should have seen it coming, and that nobody was really that surprised, news of Louis Vuitton tapping Virgil Abloh to be the maison’s new menswear director sent the industry—and the internet—into a tizzy (Abloh was literally a “trending topic” on Twitter the day of the announcement). It explains why Virgil has been on an absolute tear the last month and a half—making sure to get all of his creative side projects out of the way before taking over at Vuitton. Despite all of the cries that Abloh has no business at the helm of the storied brand, who else but Kim Jones’ close friend could succeed him at the Parisian house? Jones, after all, slowly-but-surely eroded the preconceived notions about Vuitton’s definition of luxury and integrated a dash of streetwear and street culture. So, I ask again, why not Virgil to write the next act of Louis Vuitton’s menswear?

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