Born in Detroit, Michigan and now residing in Hamburg, Germany, Jakob Hetzer is becoming a rising star in the fashion scene by means of his eponymous label founded in 2014, and doing behind-the-scenes work for a multitude of like-minded, rising brands. Seeing his humble beginnings a few years ago blogging on Tumblr and painting Vans to make some extra cash to buy his favorite wares, it's clear he is a thoughtful individual that has been in the game for a minute now. His style has evolved with his success, transitioning from trainers and Rick Owens Geobaskets to strictly Carol Christian Poell and Dior. Recently, we sat down with Jakob at the Grailed office to shed some light on his past, what’s going on right now and projects that are forthcoming.

Who are you?

Jakob Hetzer, 19-years-old, designer, from Detroit, Michigan, now in Hamburg, Germany.

How's your own personal brand going?

It's going good. I'm really enjoying these new pieces I am working on. I feel like the brand is starting to become what it is supposed to be.

What's your creative process?

I try not to force it. It's all natural. I have a plan and I'm just filling out the blanks.

Who do you look up to?

Steve Jobs.

What's going on with you and Reese Cooper?

Reese is my best friend/business partner/motivator. We work well together and help each other.

Who's up next?

Tom Emmerson.

What are your favorite brands/designers?

Jakob Hetzer, Elon Musk, Carol Christian Poell, Undercover, Number (N)ine, Rick Owens.

What do you love right now?

Making good clothes. If you are talking about what I love fashion wise, I really couldn't tell you. It's natural to me.

What's played out right now?

A whole lot of shit. I don't even keep track like that.

How would you describe your style?

Very JH.

Do you get sucked into trends or try and stick to your own things?

I don't pay much attention to trends.

How did you become so business-minded?

First off, I went to a business school for a couple years, so I guess I learned the regular shit you need to know to run a business. But I think the main reason is that I always had some sort of hustle. In elementary school I used to flip Tech Deck Fingerboard that I told my father to bring back from trips to the US. That was probably the first money I made and it went straight to my lunch money for school. Later on, to finance my first couple pieces when I was like 16, I worked at a supermarket. That was a horrible job, so I usually ended up sitting in the back stockroom painting Bape camo on vans to flip those as well. Eventually I quit after a couple weeks. I don't know. I guess I just know how to make money and make money work for itself.

What's your average day look like?

Every day is different, but when I am at home in Hamburg I try to get my work done before the evening if possible and then either go out with friends or find something else to do.

Do you like Hamburg?

It's cool. I have my friends there and it's calm enough to let me work without too many distractions. I moved there a couple months ago from Frankfurt, but I am starting to find my favorite places to go in Hamburg.

Where do you shop? What do you spend money on?

I'm not even spending a lot on clothes lately. I spend most on fabric, production and good food.

Favorite piece you own?

JH Stable Contrast Sleeve Rider Jacket (pictured above).

You don't usually like to talk about yourself too much. Why did you choose to do an interview with Grailed?

People on Grailed know what they are talking about.

What's next?


<i>You can shop Jakob's Grailed picks below and his own personal items here.</i>

<i>Photos via: Adam Fraser</i>

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