Arguably the hottest sneaker drop of the year was Off-White’s Nike collaboration released a few weeks ago. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people lined up for a chance to pick up a remastered version of one of Nike’s five most inimitable silhouettes (the other five silhouettes will drop later in the year). The hype surrounding the drop is hardly unusual for big sneaker releases; Yeezy, Kith and Supreme always make huge waves with their respective collaboration releases. However, for every massively popular sneaker release, there’s a handful that fall under the radar, never gaining the fame associated with more celebrated drops. It’s unfortunate, because there’s some truly inspired designs that never receive due attention. Perhaps this is better for the people looking to wear cool sneakers—without the hype, resellers have no reason to buy the sneakers and jack up prices. Still, it’s worth pointing out some of the best underappreciated collaborations, if only to reflect on how great these designs were.

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