When we were approached by Stephan Jenkins' team to partner up on private sale, I was blown away. Despite being such a fan of his band Third Eye Blind since they exploded onto the late-90s alternative rock scene with their now classic self-titled debut, I had absolutely no idea that Stephan was such a fashion enthusiast. And we're not talking about some casual fashion observer here. No, Stephan's love of clothing is about as pure as it gets and shines through as soon as he starts waxing poetic on his love for Rick Owens or the dangers of fast fashion. Ahead of Third Eye Blind's 20th anniversary Summer Gods tour celebrating their aforementioned debut album, we called up Stephan for a chat about everything from buying less, but better, to his most recent run in with Tom Ford. Along with our conversation, Grailed is pleased to offer a selection of Stephan's own personal wardrobe featuring pieces from Rick Owens, Christian Carol Poell, Label Under Construction and more.