“Tastemakers” is a new series prompting the Grailed community to share their style point of view. Here’s how it works: respond to the prompt below with links to listings found on Grailed that fit the theme. The Grailed Team will review the submissions and select the best to be featured in a collection curated by the community. The top five submissions will be shouted out on the site and app, receiving credit in the collection description.

Archiving is a way of collecting fashion that’s gained significant popularity over the last few years. Just like a museum curator, archivists cultivate a point of view by carefully selecting noteworthy items from collections of the past to cement and comment on those garments' place in fashion history.

To kick off our new “Tastemakers” series, we are curious what pieces you predict will be considered archive-worthy in 20 years. What will be the new Raf Simons "Poltergeist" parka or Undercover 85 denim? Tell us what you think.

Tastemakers Prompt 1:
What pieces will be considered archive in 20 years?

How to Submit:

  1. Comment below with one to three links to listings on Grailed that respond to the prompt. You can also comment with the designer and item name.

  2. Check back next week to browse a collection comprising submissions from the community.

  3. We will credit users who submit the most interesting picks in the collection description.

View the final collection curated by the community here, featuring top picks from Baetylus, Loserhotdog, akidos and tryan.

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