Summer vacation, you’ve booked a bomb penthouse suite for you and your boo with a gorgeous view of the coast. It's perfect weather, sunny and warm, so you decide to take your girl down to the boardwalk to grab some popsicles and lay out in the sun. Only problem is you forgot your sandals and you’re stuck wearing your dirty ass slip-ons you wore on the flight over so you could breeze through customs. No worries, you forego the socks thinking it’ll be fine. As you and your girl walk down the coast, sweat starts to bead between your toes and pools under your feet as they suffocate in the summer heat. Reaching the popsicle stand, your shoes start squeaking and your heels keep slipping out but you’re hesitant to take your shoes off because the boardwalk is kind of old and you’re pretty sure you’re gonna get a splinter if you do. Your suffocating feet start stinging unbearably from the heat and the salt of your sweat so you finally give up and take them off, breathing a sigh of relief. As the line inches forward, you feel something cool and sticky trickle around your feet as you look up to find some asshole kid dropped their popsicle and is crying about it, holding up the line. Day ruined, you slink down to the beach, sweat-drenched shoes in hand, so you can wash your feet off. As you sit on the sand waiting for your feet to dry, you vow to never forget your sandals again. Cop some of our favorite options below.

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