Assuming you’ve read any footwear trend piece in any men’s publication recently or spent a single second looking down at the feet of your peers, you’ve probably noticed that somewhere along the line Vans took over. Sure, Adidas has been having an incredible 2+ years (thanks, Ye!) and Nike is, well, Nike, but if you’re not in some Sk8-Hi’s or Old Skools are you even wearing sneakers? However, like everything else, not all Vans are created equal. Despite the fact that a good portion of Vans’ appeal is due to their almost non-existent economic and availability barriers of entry (i.e. they’re cheap as fuck and you can cop them in any mall), their wide swath of limited editions and collaborations lends themselves to a plethora of stunting opportunities. Thankfully, Grailed has you covered in this department. A little bit of heel drag never hurt anybody.

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