At first glance, Noah appears to be like any other streetwear brand. With staple offerings like graphic T-shirts, hoodies and embroidered caps, they've built up a strong repertoire over the past year. Their success, much like founder Brendon Babenzien's former employer Supreme, lies in their classic counter-culture overtones and versatility. A Long Island native raised in a beach community, Babenzien looked to his roots when he first founded Noah in 2002, taking a biblical name with maritime roots with the Knights Templar cross as the brand's logo. After putting Noah on a 10 year hiatus in 2005 and relaunching it with a store in Nolita last October, Babenzien, a veteran of the industry since the mid-90s, has a refined vision and mission statement. Jaded by fast fashion and mass consumerism, Babenzien has made sure each of Noah's offerings is ethically sourced and manufactured, something truly rare in the devil may-care-world of streetwear.

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