"Mister Hollywood" Daisuke Obana earned his nickname in the mid-90s when he took a trip to Los Angeles for the sole purpose of buying vintage clothing to resell in Japan. As demand exceeded supply, Obana took note of his customers' desire for higher quality garments with a vintage look and feel and he began reworking vintage pieces and creating his own original designs. In 2000, he created the label N.Hoolywood, a moniker derived from his nickname and his "hooligan"-like customers, launching a Tokyo flagship store Mister Hollywood that resembled the Sunset Strip motels in LA. By 2014, N.Hoolywood already had 12 years of collections inspired by vintage archetypes and Obana made a major shift in the brand direction. Inspired by his son's imagination and the innovations in fabric and garment construction, N.Hoolywood's Spring/Summer 2014 collection saw designs inspired by Obana's son's insect collection, done up in technical fabrics, but with the same familiar vintage details. All collections since 2014 have developed on the same popular theme of reimagining vintage designs in modern, high-quality fabrics, making N.Hoolywood one of the best selling Japanese brands across the globe.

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