Dime is probably one of the most easily wearable skate brands today. With an austerity that reflects the atmosphere of their hometown Montreal and nostalgic, irreverent designs with a subtle humor about them they’ve managed to part the seas of mediocrity and rise to represent Canadian skate culture on a level unprecedented since Vancouver's Rick Howard broke on the scene in the early 90s with Girl Skateboards and Lakai Footwear.

What started as a series of short skate clips uploaded for fun in 2005 has grown from a few friends to a full-fledged team with a solid brand behind them. At the heart of it all, everything Dime does is still for the love of skating, though not all members skate. Vincent Tsang, a childhood friend of the original trio, is not a skater but has been responsible for bringing the team's ideas to fruition and establishing the look of the brand and bringing it beyond graphic tees.

With successful collaborations with Vans in 2015 (in tandem with the Glory Challenge: an invitational Pro/Am contest specifically designed for non-contest skaters) and fellow canuck JJJOUND in 2013, the team already has a proven track record and shows all the signs of promise, following in the footsteps of their contemporaries to establish themselves as a global streetwear brand while carrying the torch for Canada and, most importantly, never taking themselves too seriously.

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