While the Fall/Winter collections—including the recently Fall/Winter 2020—are usually packed to the gills with various outerwear collections (not to mention a unique Box Logo) to tie in with the weather, the Spring/Summer affairs are heavier on wind and water-resistant jackets (to go with the spring weather, obviously) and a slew of T-shirt designs sure to set off this year’s summer fits.

This is also a notable season, as it is the first full collection released since Supreme was acquired by VF Corp—the conglomerate that owns regular Supreme collaborators The North Face and Vans (among others). While reports from Supreme’s new ownership have made it clear that they’re not trying to mess up Supreme’s successful formula, it will be interesting to see how (if at all) this will shake up the brand and what it releases throughout the Spring/Summer 2021 season.

That’s to say nothing of this season’s selection of over-the-top accessories. While we thought it would be hard to top a literal Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet (as seen in last season’s roundup), the addition of a Supreme-branded Sea-Doo jet ski might be even wilder than even the Supreme x Honda Dirtbike released within the Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

Read up on more of our favorites from Supreme Spring/Summer 2021 down below.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2021: Box Logos

This season's premier piece is designed with help from a premier artist: KAWS. While the artist has made bank collaborating with properties like Peanuts for Uniqlo or helping Kim Jones at Dior, he’s also an old friend of Supreme. While the Spring/Summer 2021 Box Logo drop is basically the 10th anniversary of his first Box Logo collaboration with Supreme back in Spring/Summer 2011 (designed to look like a chalk drawing outline of the world-famous logo), Brian “KAWS” Donnelly actually worked with Supreme much earlier under his now-defunct OriginalFake label. His first partnership with Supreme actually dropped roughly 20 years ago back in 2001, starting with a set of skate decks tapping his redesign of the puffed up Michelin Man—with “X”-ed out eyes, of course.

For Spring/Summer 2021 shoppers will find the chalk outline-style KAWS x Supreme Box Logo on a hoodie, a 5-panel cap and a skate deck. As is the case for any Box Logo drop, these will likely sell out incredibly quickly—only bolstered by the fact that this is an artist collaboration Box Logo release.

For those who love the Box Logo, but want to show it off in a way that's a little more subtle, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s… well, “Small Box Logo”, which drops in some form or fashion every season.

To start, you’ll find it on a tonal checkerboard sweater. For the most subdued take, the Small Box Logo appears on a set of simple, tonal long sleeve T-shirts, pullover hoodies and zip hoodies. While the long sleeve tees and hoodies are all only one solid color (save for the long sleeve tee and pullover iteration in camo), the Small Box Logo remains (largely) in Supreme’s signature bright red. The same goes for a series of pullover crewneck sweaters; nearly all the options—from a rusty orange to classic heather gray—are simple (save for a watercolor iteration) and bear the small version of the classic red Box Logo.

Oh and before we forget, the Small Box Logo also makes its way to the simple short sleeve T-shirt. While there’s several simplified solid colorways for this selection, the short sleeve tees have the most printed and patterned options—four different bandana-print tees round out the offering—all with the red Small Box Logo.

If you want to fill out the look and go for a full-fit featuring the Small Box Logo, this season stands out, with the Small Box Logo appearing on fleece sweatpants and sweatshorts to match the hoodies.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2021: Outerwear and Tracksuits

The Gore-Tex “Stickers” shell jacket (with pants to match) might be one of Supreme’s most self-referential pieces ever—paying homage to the slew of stickers the brand has released over the years. From Mark Gonzales-designed graphics to Supreme classics—including the “Bling” Box Logo and the Taxi Driver logo—wearing this full suit is like putting on several pieces from Supreme’s archive all at once. Speaking of Gore-Tex, the brand is dropping a series of shell jackets (with, yes, more pants to match) in a more subtle set of colors—ranging from black, to baby blue and burgundy. The most interesting iteration includes a colorway in a wavy, jade green pattern.

The “It’s All Bollocks” varsity jacket is interesting because, frankly, it feels more like a Palace release than a Supreme release. That said, tapping Jamie Reid to do the graphics—famous for defining punk art with his collage-style aesthetic and designing several of the most known album and single covers for the Sex Pistols—feels very on target for Supreme. While Reid’s artwork does appear on other pieces throughout the collection—including the “Fuck All” shirting and hoodies—we figure that this jacket will be the most prominent of his collaboration pieces.

Seen prominently in the lookbook and throughout the collection is Clayton Patterson’s “Skulls” print. While this appears on a variety of pieces, we think that it’s best brought to life on the velvet reversible MA-1 bomber. Created with support from Alpha Industries, the jacket features various skull-and-bones illustrations from the artist, known for documenting the life and culture of New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood for decades. The fact that this comes in velvet makes it an easy standout and a nice alternative to the slew of bomber jackets Supreme has released (with or without collaborating with Alpha Industries) over the years.

Also making its way into the lookbook was the “Spellout” track jacket and pants. Featuring a large applique Supreme logo running alongside the left sleeve and left leg respectively, the nylon track jacket is water resistant and—in colors like white-with-red lettering or black-with-white lettering—it’s both one the most openly branded, but simultaneously cleanest, pieces of the season. Nothing better for the spring season than a trusty tracksuit—especially as this spring and summer season might see more time at home than usual.

For those in the market for a quality parka jacket, we do love the Supreme parka this season—bearing a face mask that can be stowed on the sides of the parka’s hood. It’s a detail that’s vaguely reminiscent of the face masked anorak on Spring/Summer 2019 season’s Stone Island collab. Built in collaboration with Alpha Industries, this seems like a no-brainer if you’re in the market for something that’s both practical, but also bearing the Supreme logo.

Other highlights include the “Peacock” jacket, which boasts closures similar to the “Kung Fu” jacket released during the Spring/Summer 2014 session, as well as the “Saint Michael” fleece, which boasts a stained glass-inspired appearance over its fleece exterior.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2021: Sweaters, Hoodies and Tees

An eternally popular graphic within the Supreme logo canon, the “S” logo is almost as quintessential to the brand as its globally-recognized Box Logo. This season, Supreme takes the “S” logo into a whole new stratosphere, giving it the 25th anniversary Box Logo treatment and serving it up embellished in Swarovski crystals. To be honest, it’s almost like the “S” logo is standing in as a major motif of this collection as a whole—used in ways both big and small… literally. There’s one iteration that features several small “S” logos in a semi-all-over print, and another that features a large “S” logo laser cut into the hoodie. The laser cut “S” logo also appears on a short sleeve pocket tee—with the “S” logo cut into the chest pocket.

Longtime friend of the brand Sean Cliver returns this season to lend his graphic style for the “Vampire Boy” hoodie. Akin to his more widely-known “Halloween” graphic, the design continues his juxtaposition of childhood innocence with mature themes or—in this case—monsters and the occult. The graphic is recurring motif in the collection, and appears on virtually everything from long sleeve tees to hats and bags.

The rumored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collab comes to fruition for Fall/Winter 2021. Hinted at on various “Supreme Leaks” social media accounts, the collaboration with the long-running media franchise (set, fittingly, in New York City) manifests itself via a T-shirt with Raphel swapping his signature red eye mask for one bearing the Supreme logo.

Other standout tees include the “HNIC” T-shirt (named for and featuring the album cover art from the 2000 Prodigy album), the Skeleton T-shirt, featuring artwork from previous Supreme artist collaborator Joe Roberts and the “Five Boroughs” T-shirt featuring Supreme’s Courrèges-inspired “Classic Logo”. The “Classic Logo” makes its presence known throughout the Spring/Summer 2021 collection appearing on a series of coaches jackets and embroidered into pocket tees.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2021: Shirts

The Spring/Summer seasons are special in that the brand usually releases a new crop of rayon camp collar shirts. While many other streetwear brands like Stussy or Palace (and yes, including Supreme) drop these throughout the calendar year, given that the style makes the most sense to be worn in the warmer months, the camp collar shirts that drop in this season usually receive the most play or public attention.

This season Supreme has used a beetle print in various pieces of its Spring/Summer collection, but it’s the “Beetle” camp collar shirt that really drives the point home. Featuring the insect on the front of the shirt, it is also an homage to the album artwork for Massive Attack’s 1998 album Mezzanine.

The artwork of Dan Colen also features throughout the Spring/Summer offering, but we like the camp collar shirts the most. Colen’s work features on three separate shirts, but the “Dash’s Wall” shirt is perhaps the most impactful (and broadly seen) motif in the collection. The all-over print graphic pulls from Colen’s Secrets and Cymbals, Smoke and Scissors (My Friend Dash’s Wall in the Future) artwork. Paying homage to his friend (and fellow Supreme collaborator and artist) Dash Snow, the work imagines what Snow’s apartment wall might look like in the future. As the Gagosian Gallery explains it, the work is a, “trompe l’oeil representation of a corresponding photograph, newspaper clipping, or object that hung in an identical position on Dash Snow’s apartment wall in the early 2000s.”

Supreme goes tongue-in-cheek with its “190 Bowery” camp collar shirt, which features Supreme’s current Manhattan storefront plastered as an all-over print across the shirt. Offered in full color or red-overdye, there’s something to be said for loving Supreme so much, that you’ll show your support for the brand’s retail locations on your chest.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2021: Accessories

Another Supreme season, another round of wild accessories.

The most over-the-top accessories is easily the Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX. Sure, it’s built with a lightweight polytec SPARK hull, has intelligent throttle control and a waterproof bluetooth portable sound system, but let’s cut to the chase: It’s a Supreme jet ski. It’s that simple. Like the other Supreme motor vehicles (namely, the Supreme x Honda dirtbike) this is unlikely to go up for sale to the broader public (these pieces are usually insanely expensive and limited, going only to “friends and family”), but we’d be shocked if one of these doesn’t surface on the aftermarket sometime shortly after release.

As for the usual seasonal homegoods, Supreme also went full-throttle. If you’re looking to outfit your home in more Supreme-branded gear, there’s the Smeg mini fridge, the Vitra Panton chair (designed by mid-century modern interior designer Verner Panton in 1959) and the catchall plate and mug created in collaboration with legacy Dutch porcelain craftsmen at Royal Delft. As seen on the underside of the plate—which features a hand-painted picture of Supreme’s 190 Bowery storefront—each item is individually numbered; it appears as if each plat released is one of 150 total produced.

Other major accessories include an Akai MPC Live II (effectively a drum machine and midi controller wrapped into one), a Yashica MF-1 film camera, a championship ring and a literal box of Wheaties, "The Breakfast of Champions.”

For those looking to bring their Supreme purchases out into the sun for some summer fun, Supreme’s dropping a Rawlings Chrome Wood Maple baseball bat (admittedly not the first baseball bat Supreme’s ever made), a Nerf Rival Takedown Blaster, a Prism Zenith 5 kite, a co-branded Morey bodyboard and a Wham-O frisbee with an image of Jesus. Whether you’re at the park or at the beach (using your “Five Borough” logo towel), there’s a way to inject a little Supreme into your summer—no matter how it shakes out this year.

Oh, and before we forget, the seasonal staples—the Hanes underwear, tees and socks along with the Supreme-branded Nike Air Force 1s—return in force this year. A note about the Hanes products however: While we prefer the classic simplicity of plain white, this Spring/Summer 2021 season sees Supreme release the Hanes basics in purple.

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