Just one month after the brands’ capsule with artists Gilbert & George, Supreme has teamed up with artist Sekintani La Norihiro for another left-of-center collaboration.

Sekintani was born in Osaka, Japan in 1979. He’s known for his (often described as grotesque) collages that incorporate internal organs and sexual imagery. Interviews and information about Sekintani is scarce but in one of his few public statements, he explained his logic behind these inspirations. “I use pictures of bowels because they have such beautiful colors,” claiming that his work, “doesn’t mean anything more than how it looks.” It’s this simplistic perspective that’s garnered him a worldwide following over the last 20 years. Sekintani is especially beloved in Europe, where he’s held many underground exhibitions.

In collaboration with Sekintani, Supreme has created a capsule collection featuring his collages on a coaches jacket, work shirt, long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, three T-shirts, a skate pant and two skate decks.

The Supreme x Sekintani La Norihiro collection drops this Thursday, May 2, at Supreme’s US, European and online stores. It will release on May 4 in Japan. Be sure to check Grailed shortly after 11 am as items make their way to the Hype marketplace.

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