Sunday afternoon, Supreme took to Instagram to announce its latest collaboration, centered around luggage. This time, the brand with the box logo will be swapping out Louis Vuitton with Rimowa, the German luggage manufacturer.

Rimowa was founded in 1898 by a saddlery shop owner named Paul Morszeck. Rimowa produced cases and trunks made of traditional materials—like wood and leather—until 1937, when a fire ravaged the company factory and the aluminum was found unscathed. Since then the metal has gone on to become a signature of the Rimowa brand, wit the inspiration behind the brand’s distinct grooves sourced from early commercial airplanes. For over 50 years, these aluminum grooved bags have been world-renowned and well-respected among those looking for contemporary (but classically high quality) luggage.

Worth noting for those keeping track, like Louis Vuitton, Rimowa is also under the LVMH umbrella. This collaboration with Supreme lines up with Rimowa's recent run of collaborations, especially with well-hyped names like Fragment Design, Virgil Abloh and Anti-Social Social Club.

Supreme has joined Rimowa to create custom versions of the Topas multiwheel suitcases in a 45L carry-on, as well as an 82L size. The suitcases feature aluminum bodies, two internal flex-divider systems and TSA combination locks. Both suitcases will be available in red or black. The carry-on will retail for $1600 while its larger counterpart will be $1800.

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