After a mid-season break from collaborations last week, Supreme has announced it’s latest capsule will be with frequent collaborator Levi’s.

While Levi’s is synonymous with denim and jeans, having practically created (and certainly shaped) the pant as we know it, Supreme has opted to bypass the company’s most well known material in favor of nylon. The shiny material often seen on coaches jackets and parkas is being repurposed for a three piece collection including a trucker jacket, pant (the cut of which resembles the iconic Levi’s 501) and bell hat. The items are all co-branded, featuring “Supreme” embroidery and the Levi’s “red tab”.

The collaboration announcement dovetails with rumors swirling around the damn-near inevitability of a physical San Francisco Supreme storefront. While a formal opening date for Supreme San Francisco has not been announced, the recent series of San Francisco-adjacent photos appearing on the brand’s Instagram, coupled with this collaboration with Levi’s—itself a notable San Francisco brand—signals that something is coming soon.

The Supreme x Levi’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection will be available this Thursday, October 24, at Supreme’s US, European and online stores. It will be released on October 26 in Japan. Be sure to check Grailed shortly after 11 am as items make their way to the Hype marketplace.

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