Very rarely does a brand ever drop a collection that truly has “something for everybody.” One major exception? Supreme. Without a doubt, the streetwear stalwart always seems to include something—a sneaker here, a collaboration there, a must-have hoodie over there—well, for every single type of shopper.

As wide-ranging as each Supreme season is (and considering how difficult it is to actually cop what we want to get our hands on) that sheer product spread also leaves us spectators with the difficult challenge of determining our favorites from each particular selection. Now that the last bot has checked out and the site has refreshed with the latest collection, we’ve gone back and hand-picked our favorite items from the Fall/Winter 2017 season. Of course, these items may not be on Supreme’s site now (they certainly weren’t on the Supreme site long after they hit the digital shelves), but you can always go back and shop your favorites from the season that was right here on Grailed. Scope our favorites below and see if you can spot a diamond (or, better yet, a deal) right here on-site.

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