After its traditional series of teases hit the timeline last week (featuring a surprising… uhh, The Smurfs collaboration) and an unexpected preview-by-way-of-Katt Williams stand-up set, Supreme revealed its full Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

After modeling the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Sage Elsesser returns alongside fellow Supreme team member Sean Pablo to show off the new pieces from this season.

What’s interesting is that this season feels like Supreme is genuinely leaning into the demand for its globally recognized Box Logo—both in terms of the season’s Box Logo hoodie design (more on that in a moment), but also in a series of other, smaller touches seen throughout the collection.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020: Box Logos

First things first, Supreme generally releases a Box Logo hoodie during the Fall/Winter season, but this design comes right out of left field. Call it a metaphor for the public’s infatuation with Supreme’s signature product or condemn it as a lazy effort by the Supreme design team—no matter what you think, the double stacked “Cross” Box Logo hoodie is a guaranteed sell-out piece this season. What’s interesting about this Box Logo—aside from the literal placement of the Box Logos—is that its a tonal design (in other words, aside from the classic heather gray-with-red-Box Logos design, the other colorways will feature Box Logos of the same color).

If this design is too wacky for you, then fear not: Supreme has a few ways to get your Box Logo fix. Aside from its full size Box Logo release, Supreme usually drops a few items featuring its “Small Box Logo”—usually placed on the top right of a garment. This season, you’ll find the Small Box Logo on a crewneck sweater, a full-zip hoodie (with built-in facemask), a Gore-Tex Windstopper fleece-lined full-zip hoodie, a textured cotton sweater and long sleeve T-shirt—on top of a few different hats. A Polartec half-zip sweater and fleece pullover also features a full size Box Logo on the lower half of the garment.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020: Outerwear

With the outerwear serving as a major pillar of any Fall/Winter season, it’s expected that Supreme would stack the deck with a few heaters (pun not intended). Shown off in the lookbook, the “Aerial Tapestry Jacket” stands out for its textured, painting-like all-over graphic. The “Globe MA-1”, feels like a cross between a surplus bomber jacket and “Sukajan” souvenir jacket, featuring artwork by AOI and made in collaboration with Alpha Industries. Speaking of collaborations, Supreme standbys like Gore-Tex and Fox Racing both contribute to the collection with a 700-fill parka and racing jacket respectively.

A few other standouts include the Velvet Work Jacket and the Mondrian-inspired reversible fleece jacket.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020: Sweaters, Hoodies and Tees

For sweaters, the return of the mohair cardigan—a grunge staple—is a welcome addition. For those looking for something with a more incognito logo and a similar vibe to the aforementioned cardigan, we like the Brushed Plaid Sweater, also made from mohair.

For hoodies, the simple-but-iconic “S Logo” makes a reappearance; the added twist being that this S Logo hoodie isn’t a simple varsity letter, but instead features an “S” made up of a series of small Box Logos. Other standouts include a hoodie featuring Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and the “Portrait” hoodie—itself a flip and rework of the Marlboro Man’s silhouette.

The artwork of legendary graffiti artist Future appears in various areas of the collection, with a crewneck sweatshirt and T-shirt bearing Supreme’s logo and “Justice For All”. Jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders is the subject of this season’s “Photo Tee”, paying homage to his 1969 album Karma. Perhaps a jab at the frenzied nature of its weekly Thursday drops, Supreme also released the “Verify” T-shirt—incorporating a common checkout security schema. It will be peak irony when a slew of bots buy this T-shirt on the Supreme website when it drops—but knowing Supreme, that’s probably the point.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020: Accessories

No Supreme release is complete with a slew of off-kilter accessories. Naturally, Fall/Winter 2020 doesn’t disappoint.

Watches seem to be a clear theme in this collection as a whole, appearing in everything from graphics to… well, literal watches. Released in collaboration with Jacob & Co. (shout out to Def Jam Vendetta: Fight for NY—if you know, you know), Supreme is dropping two iterations of a four-timezone watch—featuring “52 brilliant white diamonds” (each about 2.08 carats) on the 40 milimeter bezel model, and “51 brilliant white diamonds” (about 3.08 carats apiece) on the 47 milimeter bezel model. Both are capped off by an Alligator strap. Outside of the friends-and-family-exclusive (and elusive) Supreme Rolex Submariner, this could very well be Supreme’s most ostentatious piece of jewelry ever (officially) released. Supreme and Jacob & Co. also teamed up on a 14 carat gold lock pendant and chain.

Supreme is also dropping a full Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, featuring the series first three titles: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Other interesting accessories include a partnership with Colgate for cross-branded anticavity toothpaste, a reworked Chucky doll from the Chucky horror movie series, a new collaboration Spalding basketball, the return of its Box Logo branded Nike Air Force 1, a new Mophie (with the power to jumpstart an actual car) and a fish bowl.

In a sign of Supreme’s evolution in both audience and global reach, the brand has created a lipstick with Pat McGrath Labs, using a unique shade of red developed specifically for this collaboration with Supreme. While cosmetics aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you think of Supreme’s core demographic, it’s exciting to see Supreme branch out into new sectors of the wider fashion and beauty industries.

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