While the frenzy surrounding Supreme these days is typically the result of a one-off collaboration with another brand, there’s a single item from Supreme’s main collection which induces an even greater hysteria: the box logo. In order to keep the hottest logo in the world desirable, Supreme only drops one top featuring its iconic logo per season. For Fall/Winter 2018, it has chosen the crewneck sweatshirt as its canvas once again.

The brand’s signature logo was created in 1994 after founder James Jebbia was displeased with the sketches his friend came up with for the store’s logo. Looking for ideas, Jebbia lent him a book featuring the works of New York conceptual artist Barbara Kruger for inspiration. As a streetwear brand that’s made its name off of reworking and flipping other imagery, Supreme naturally used the same approach when cementing its logo. Critically, the box logo we see today is simply the word “Supreme” in white, futura bold oblique tucked into a red rectangle; it’s a treatment and style almost identical to Kruger’s, but since Kruger did not have intellectual property rights to the logo, the brand carried on.

The box logo was initially put on a plain T-shirt to commemorate the first store’s opening on Lafayette Street along with two other tees: one featuring a skater and the other with Travis Bickle from the film Taxi Driver (which was released again in 2014 to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary).

Supreme’s box logo crewneck sweatshirt will be available in peach, bright blue, mustard, red, green, navy, white, gray and black.

According to Supreme sleuth @dropsbyjay, the Supreme box logo crewneck sweatshirt will release this Thursday December 6, at Supreme’s US, European and online stores. Be sure to check Grailed shortly after 11 am as items make their way to the Hype marketplace.

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