For a long time, Gucci was the pinnacle when it came to luxury sandals. Slides bearing the brand’s colors have long been popular with rappers—among others—who boasted about them in songs; they were luxe beach attire or feet accoutrements to wear around marble-floored mansions. In recent years, though, a new name has come to be synonymous with the intersection of fashion and sandals: Suicoke.

Suicoke is, rather frustratingly, covered in a veil of mystery and anonymity. Jinichi Leung occupies a curious dual role for Suicoke—he is both the brand’s international sales manager and its de facto salesperson, quoted by the publications that have sought to shed light on Suicoke’s business and history. Leung explained to Highsnobiety that the mystique was intentional, pushing “people to focus on the products, rather than the designers or founders.” It isn’t just the individuals who remain a mystery; the brand’s origin story—something so many other brands preach about incessantly to establish cachet and credentials—is equally cloudy.

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