The average guy limits themselves to baseball hats and/or beanies. Most men rarely venture further than that, and why should they? The well-deserved internet-wide roasting of peacocking #menswear bros in fedoras and trilbys has likely convinced the majority to stay away from any kind of excessive head-wear. However, there’s a rich world of milliners out there, with countless designers offering both wearable takes on classics and wholly original styles. Once you have solidified your basics, it makes sense to consider adding accessories like hats to further personalize one’s style.

As far as dressing goes, in many ways spring is the most difficult season. The weather is unpredictable meaning even an outfit perfectly suited for the temperature is often inadequate with a sudden gust of wind or unexpected downpour. While a packable rain jacket or windbreaker can come in handy, a spring hat is the perfect accessory to don just in case. Of course, hats serve as more than head protection or water deterrent, and—bad hair day or not—often play a pivotal role in your outfit. The issue, then, is which to choose. Thankfully, on Grailed you have options. Below, we have compiled a list of the best spring hats for the 2021 season.

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