Social Studies is a three-day education and retail pop-up experience exclusively developed by Baque Creative. Following the success of Social Studies Miami Art Basel 2017, the experiential event will make its proud second edition and New York debut at Milk Studios in New York City.

Committing to the ethos of New York City’s eclectic and diverse populace, Social Studies New York will host a series of educational programs and curatorial workshops with the goal of enriching and uplifting people of all walks of life. Workshops will be lead by Angelo Baque of Awake NY, Photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis, Melody Ehsani, Tremaine Emory of No Vacancy Inn, Sonya Sombreuil of Come Tees, Jess and Brian Procell of Procell, Brendan Fowler of Some Ware and ELECTION REFORM!, and Carlton Yaito. Bringing the event’s scholastic theme to life, these workshops will be aimed at a youth demographic, offering them skills guidance and the opportunity to create and develop their own bespoke creative edition.

The main retail space will be conjoined by a library area where visitors will have the unique opportunity to engage with the workshop leaders in one on one conversations called Office Hours.

An exclusive Virgil Abloh designed Social Studies tee will be for sale throughout the duration of the event, with all proceeds going to select youth focused organizations in the South Bronx.

Social Studies New York is being produced with support from sponsors, Nike, Levi Strauss & Co., The North Face, Timberland and Milk.

Social Studies has also crafted a one-of-one jacket in collaboration with The North Face, yielding a cross-branded and uniquely bespoke piece. The best part? The jacket is landing right here on Grailed, and will be released tomorrow, Friday November 16th, at noon in an auction open to our global audience. Don’t sleep on this piece of soon-to-be fashion history.

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