Appearing in early teases of the Fall/Winter 2020 collection and making a bigger splash in the full-on Supreme Fall/Winter seasonal lookbook, we’ve been anticipating and expecting the collaboration with The Smurfs for a few weeks now.

While many might familiar with*The Smurfs* thanks to a recent string theatrically-released (remember going to the movies?) animated films, the franchise actually stretches back decades, beginning with the work of Belgian artist Pierre Culliford—also known as Peyo. Originally published in 1958 under the name Les Schtroumpfs, there are more than 100 unique iterations of the small blue Smurfs.

The collection consists of a leather jacket, Gore-Tex shell and pant, denim trucker jacket and jeans, sweater, beanie and a hoodie. Interestingly, Supreme specifically states that “select pieces” will be available October 1 (online stores) and October 3 (all Japanese stores); while we expect everything showcased here to hit shelves this week, keep in mind this might mean that a few things will be held back for a later release. Given that it’s Supreme, only time will tell.

No matter what drops, keep it locked to Grailed’s Hype marketplace to shop the drop after it sells out on Supreme’s official channels.

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