If you want to buy a suit on a tight budget, you've got a staggering number of options, from mall brands to stylish startups. If you want to buy a beautiful one and have cash to burn, you've got Italian tailoring houses, Japanese suit makers, Savile Row shops, high-end menswear labels with firm dedications to tailoring. If you’re somewhere in the middle and want to buy a truly great suit—made in Italy, a “just right” natural shoulder, light and flexible full canvas, wool that's handsome and fine but not too sleek or shiny and a silhouette that strikes the perfect “cool-but-not-too-fashion-y” balance—but want to do it with expert guidance and without red-lining your credit card, you've got one: Sid Mashburn.

But Sid Mashburn isn't just about jackets and trousers. In fact, it's not just about clothes at all. Sid Mashburn is a kind of home, a place where you're guaranteed to find your new favorite suit, sure, but also your new favorite record, or your new favorite cologne, or a handsome pair of reading glasses or a string of beads that you had no idea could look so cool. It’s also much more—an inside tip on where to get a great dinner, an easy conversation about that day's ball game, a radio station recommendation, a game of ping pong or, simpler still, a cold bottle of Coke.

There's a reason why the brand has a hugely devoted following of average guys and fashion editors alike, and why it’s topped "Best Men's Store" lists in every big magazine and opened four stores across the South (plus another in LA) in just over 10 years. Part of it is obvious—step into any Sid Mashburn shop and you'll see right away how sharp the clothes are, how magnetic the staff is and how every item is somehow cooler than the last. But the other part, the less tangible one, starts with the man himself.

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