There simply aren’t many leading men in 2019… at least not in the traditional Hollywood sense. With the globalized box office and the superhero take over of the cineplex, few actors exude the same kind of effortless cool or smoldering heat that once defined an actor deserving of top billing.

Despite the decline of actors with that ineffable leading man quality, one performer who definitely has “it” is Ryan Gosling. Yes, Gosling has the good looks that have helped the likes of Cary Grant and Brad Pitt before him. But, he also has that star quality that you know when you see, but is so hard to define.

When it comes to what makes a leading man, style is just as important as looks. The clothes, after all, make the man. Gosling has played all kinds of roles in all sorts of costumes. He’s played lovers and fighters. He has appeared in the hazy nostalgic past and he has plied his trade in the distant future.

No matter where he turns up, Gosling’s onscreen style has been defined by a casual but carefully manicured cool. He could be described as a pretty boy, but his style is never labored or precious. His look is perhaps best described as the way men would like to look. His look isn’t unattainably elegant like George Clooney or impossibly rugged like an action star. He is an every man… if the everyman happened to win the genetic lottery.

There’s an old saying about Hollywood stars: “Men want to be him. Women want to be with him.”

That’s the key to Ryan Gosling’s look: He has style that the average man might like to have for himself. A Ryan Gosling costume is aspirational enough to catch the notice of the right person, but relatable enough to blend into a crowd. Here are the best looks cinematic looks from one of the silver screen’s greatest style icons.

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